3-Year Guarantee

3-Year Guarantee from Animal Wildlife Trappers

Animal Wildlife Trappers believes in providing lasting solutions backed by an industry-leading 3-year guarantee. This guarantee protects the customer long after we have completed our process. So whether its rat removal in Orlando, squirrel removal in Windermere, bat removal in Apopka, or any other animal removal in Central Florida, our guarantee will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Why is our guarantee longer?

Effective Critter Prevention OrlandoWhen removing animals from a home, a real solution includes making sure that the same situation will not occur again in the future. Wildlife removal can be costly depending on the type of animal, extent of damage, as well as any sanitary issues that need to be corrected.

To prevent animals re-entering your home, all good exclusionary work starts with a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the structure.

This inspection is performed in the following order:

  1. Identify the animal that has decided to share your home!
  2. Identify the active entry points on the structure as well as any potential entry points that could be used by animals in the future.

By sealing both currently active entry points, as well as the potential entry points – we significantly reduce the chance of any type of critter re-entry in the future.

In addition to our thorough inspection, the durability of the materials we use also plays a large part in the permanence of our solutions. Many of our competitors seal entry points on the roof with a simple “rodenticide foam,” a quality product containing a capsaicin-like deterrent known to inflame the eyes of animals – not unlike pepper spray.

However, by itself, rodenticide foam does not stand up to Florida’s elements: intense heat and moisture. These environmental conditions cause the foam to lose its structural integrity as well as its deterrent characteristics over time. Within a year or two, animal re-entry becomes all too easy.

Rodenticide foam is not a magical solution, but rather a temporary band aid. At Animal Wildlife Trappers, rodenticide foam is simply a part of our solution, not the entire thing.

Permanent Wildlife Intrusion Solutions

Nuisance Critters OrlandoIn order to make our methods permanent – we use our own creative layering process. First rodenticide foam is applied into the opening – this fills the void and forms our foundation. Once the foam has dried, you Animal Wildlife Trappers representative will hand-form concrete over the top of the foam – creating an almost impenetrable barrier which also protects the deterrent foam from the elements. This makes things final – no questions asked!

In the event that the concrete veneer is damaged – the foam layer underneath will provide a secondary layer of defense. Not only does the concrete provide a more structurally sound solution, it provides a much more attractive finish than the inconsistent lumps found when using expanding foam.

Our industry is littered with companies providing foam-only band aids that just do not last. To make matters worse, the wildlife companies providing these services know that it does not last and therefore provide guarantees to their customers which only last from 6 months to 2 years. If they knew their approach was effective, then why wouldn’t it be guaranteed for longer?

By taking this concrete-solid approach, and eradicating all current and potential entry points – we are confident that our methods will outlast our guarantee giving you a critter-free home for years to come.

Why does this matter to our customers?

Simply put, when we stamp a job with our 3-year guarantee – we own it! In the unlikely event that animals re-enter your home through one of our sealed entry points we will return to the property, trap and remove the animals, as well as re-seal the entry point at no additional charge to the customer. We give you the ability to hold us accountable for work performed on your property.

In the event that the home is sold during the 3-year period of coverage, the guarantee is transferable to the new owner. Simply call our office at 352-267-0546 and one of our office-representatives will be happy to assist you.

Why can some homes not be guaranteed?

Dealing with mother nature as your sole source of business provides a long list of variables to contend with. These variables must always be considered when determining whether a job can be guaranteed or not.

Structures in a State of Disrepair

(Examples include; wood rot on wooden siding, wood rot on fascia boards and soffits.) This wood is already partially in a state of decay causing it to become structurally weak. Animals such as rats and squirrels have no problem chewing through metal pipes or lead flashing – decayed wood simply does not provide enough of a barrier to keep an animal out.

At the time of our inspection, the decayed wood may very well be intact – however due to the length of our guarantee, the chances of it remaining intact for the entire 3-year period are very low. For this reason, we cannot provide a guarantee on homes in this condition of disrepair.

Exterior Trapping

Frequently customers request that we trap raccoons, opossums, armadillos and other animals on the exterior of their home. Although we CAN set up traps and catch the animal, there is nothing we can do to prevent another animal from coming to the property and duplicating the initial problem days or months later. Sometimes another animal never comes back, other times the issue repeats itself within a short period of time. For these reasons, exterior trapping cannot be guaranteed.

To learn more about your 3-year guarantee against further wildlife intrusion, call Animal Wildlife Trappers today at 352-267-0546. Animal removal and wildlife removal can be an expensive undertaking in some cases, so if you need financial assistance to protect your home take advantage of our financing options.

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