Odor Removal Services

Ozone/UVC Sanitation Treatment Services

Odor Removal Services

Whether you’re a homeowner, tenant, property manager, business owner, or realtor, over time your property may develop a bad odor problem. Animal Wildlife Trappers can fix it with our ‘Total Sanitation’ package and other sanitization options tailored to your needs.

Our safe approach can be applied to any home, apartment, vehicle, or RV. We specialize in killing some of the toughest odors, from dead animal smell, skunk odor, and pet and urine odor to cigarette and cigar smoke, and food smells.

Our 4 Step Odor Removal Process

Our customized, four-part approach is tailored specifically to your home and makes use of multiple technologies to produce an odor-free environment.

  1. Ozone ‘shock’ Treatments can be used as a chemical-free, environmentally friendly way to eliminate the toughest odors. Ozone is both FDA and USDA approved organic and can be introduced to your entire home (or single) room as part of a controlled process that not only kills odors, but also bacteria, viruses, and allergens.
  2. UVC Sanitation and sterilization methods have been used in the medical industry for decades. Recent advances in ultraviolet light bulb technology have allowed equipment manufacturers to find multiple new applications for this tried-and-tested technology. Our approach to ‘Total Sanitation’ includes the use of 360-degree stand-up UVC lights as a secondary measure to ensure that your treatment area is left bacteria and virus free. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually “hot-spots” that need to be addressed.
  3. Air-Scrubbers making use of commercial-grade HEPA filters are used as part of our process to remove allergens and other odor causing particles from the air.
  4. Medical Grade Disinfectant (Nisus DSV) can be used when the job calls for it. As part of our process DSV can be applied with a ULV dry-fogger in your home’s attic space – this can be an important step in the odor removal process if your odor-problem originated from having rodents or wild animals in your attic space. Rodents, as well as their feces are known to carry diseases. This crucial part of the treatment stops the problem at its source – neutralizing your attic space of germs, viruses, and bacteria.

What Should I Do To Prepare Before A Total Sanitation Treatment?

Ozone/UVC Sanitation Treatment Services

Preparation is easy. People, pets, and living plants must be removed from the home prior to treatment. The rest will be handled by our technician, steps are taken to prepare the home will include, setting your HVAC system’s fan to ON in order to aid with circulation as well as sanitize your ducts, planning access to exterior windows for the air out process as well as opening drawers, cupboards and cabinets to improve penetration of the cleaning process.

Are Ozone and UVC Treatments Safe?

When performed by a trained professional – ozone and UVC treatments are both very safe. Although high levels of ozone can be harmful to breathe, we take the necessary steps to make sure your home is returned to you ozone-free. Our technician will use an ozone detector to monitor ozone levels in your home, during the treatment and throughout the ‘air-out’ process in order to make sure you are never at risk. The job is never done until we achieve a series of 0.0ppm (parts per million) Ozone readings inside the treatment area. Giving you peace of mind that your new odor-free environment is safe for your re-entry.

Fast Facts about Odor Removal Services

  • Ozone is heavier than air, fans and circulation devices are used throughout the sanitation process to make sure the ozone is dispersed through the treatment area adequately.
  • Ozone is FDA and USDA approved organic.
  • Ozone is a naturally-occurring variation of oxygen.
  • Ozone treatments are safe when performed by a professional, with the appropriate safety equipment and safety measures.
  • Ozone can be used to treat individual rooms, or whole houses, or attics, basements etc.

Odor Removal Service Warranty

Our whole-home total sanitation package comes with a 14-day odor-retreatment guarantee. In the event that the original odor returns; we will perform an additional treatment at no charge to you.

Download Our Odor Removal Service Preparation Checklist

To better prepare yourself for your odor removal treatment, download our checklist. While it may be short, it’ll ensure your service goes smoothly.

Odor Removal Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a simple molecule, used naturally by the earth to clean the air. Ozone (O3) is created whenever an Oxygen (O2) molecule gains another oxygen atom. Ozone is a chemical-free alternative to cleaning indoor odors. Ozone is non-combustible and reverts back to Oxygen shortly after treatment.

What is an Ozone generator?

A machine that converts regular Oxygen (O2) in the air and processes it into Ozone (03) through an electrical process. The highly reactive Ozone molecule created by the generator reacts with the odor-emitting particles that it encounters, altering its chemical make-up.

What is an Ozone sanitization treatment?

An Ozone sanitation treatment makes use of industrial-grade equipment: comprised of ozone generators, confined space blowers, fans and HEPA air-scrubbers in order to ‘shock’ target areas with elevated ozone levels – as a method of neutralizing bad odors, in a home or vehicle. Ozone shock treatment is safe and effective at treating the following odors; dead animal smells, cigarette smoke, fire smoke, mold, pet odors, urine odor.

How does Ozone work to combat odors inside a home?

Ozone works by altering the make-up of odor-emitting compounds inside the home. The third Oxygen atom in the Ozone (O3) molecule reacts with the odor-emitting compounds inside a home/vehicle, changing their chemical structure through a process known as ‘oxidation.’ After oxidation, they no longer have the same offensive odors they had before. In gas form, ozone can clean anywhere that air can flow, making it one of the most effective ways of removing odors in hard-to-clean places.

What else do Ozone sanitation treatments do?

Beyond just eliminating odors, ozone treatments target airborne allergens; bacteria, pathogens, and volatile organic compounds, which improve indoor air quality.

How much Ozone is needed to kill odors?

That depends on multiple factors: from the extent of the smell, the size of the treatment area, as well as other factors that are individual to the home that can affect ozone generation. Environments with lots of odor-emitting compounds – will require a higher concentration of Ozone to oxidize the odor-emitting compounds inside the home/vehicle.

How long does an Ozone treatment take?

This depends on the amount of ozone needed to kill the target odors. Stronger odors require a higher ‘shock’ level of ozone. The more ozone that is needed, the longer the generators will need to run to create the required level. Larger treatment areas take longer to achieve elevated ozone levels, strong enough to kill the undesirable odors in your home. Higher ozone level treatments also require additional time to ‘air out’ at the end of the process.

In total, whole-home treatment times range from 7-12 hours; including time for setup, treatment, ‘airing-out’, and lastly clearing the treatment area with an ozone detector. Smaller treatment areas: such as attics, crawlspaces and basements usually take about 4 hours from start to finish depending on your home’s accessibility.

Will there be any residue left behind after an Ozone sanitation treatment?

No. Ozone is in gas form, similar to the Oxygen in the air around us every day. There is absolutely no residue during, or after an ozone sanitation treatment. Once the treatment is complete, no post-treatment clean-up is required.

Is an Ozone sanitation treatment safe?

Performed by a trained professional, an ozone ‘shock’ treatment is very safe. Ozone (O3) has a very short half-life, which means the molecule quickly loses the extra oxygen molecule and reverts back to Oxygen (O2)—safe to breathe. Our treatment protocol makes use of industrial-grade ‘air-scrubbers’ in the airing out process, designed to help reduce ‘air-out’ time. Most ozone treatments are cleared for re-entry the same day. Customers with any lung conditions or sensitivities may want to stay away for longer. All homes are ‘cleared’ using an ozone detector; our technician will verify each room of the house is at a safe ozone level prior to releasing the home back to the homeowner.

How do we know our home is safe to re-enter upon completion of the Ozone sanitation treatment?

At the end of your Animal Wildlife Trappers ozone sanitation treatment, your technician will go through an ‘airing out’ process using an ozone detector to record, and document ozone levels in each room of the home. The home is only re-released to customers, once a safe level of 0ppb is reached in each room of the home.

What will my home/treatment area smell like after the completion of an Ozone treatment?

The ozone scent is described differently by different people. To some, it smells like a thunderstorm, to others, it just smells like ‘fresh air.’ Although the ozone gas will have been removed from the room, this smell will linger for a few days to a week after treatment.

Is an Ozone treatment environmentally friendly?

Yes, the ozone sanitation treatment makes use of NO chemical cleaners, other than ones found in nature (Ozone). No chemical residues are left behind after an ozone treatment. Ozone is FDA and USDA-approved organic.

What do I need to do to prepare for an Ozone treatment?

Your Animal Wildlife Trappers representative will give you a preparation checklist. The list is short; people, pets, and plants – must be removed from the treatment area prior to our arrival. Your sanitation technician will need to be able to access the home upon completion of the ozone treatment in order to begin the ‘air-out process.’ This process can take time depending on the variables of your home: some homes can air out quicker than others based on the availability of windows, and indoor fans. It is good to plan a day out of the house to allow as much time as possible for the airing out process. Customers with lung sensitives or conditions may want to spend a night somewhere else to allow additional time beyond what is required for other people to inhabit the same space.

What guarantee do I have that this Ozone treatment will solve my problem?

In most instances, a single ozone treatment gets rid of the toughest smells. However, in the event that the odor returns, a shorter, more concentrated ‘booster’ application may be needed in the area to further neutralize additional compounds that are still creating the odor. Your ozone treatment comes with a 14-day retreatment guarantee.

What is Ultraviolet (UVC) Sanitation?

Ultraviolet methods of sterilization have been used in medical and other industries for decades. Today’s technological improvements in lightbulb manufacturing have greatly expanded the quality of UV sanitation equipment, as a result expanding the list of potential applications greatly. You can find UVC sanitation being used to clean water, air, foods and produce, medical equipment and a variety of services.

How does an Ultraviolet (UVC) Sanitation treatment work?

Using a combination of technologically advanced equipment consisting of large stand-up style 360-degree UVC Sanitation lights and handheld UVC lights or wands designed to ‘spot-treat’ areas that are more difficult to access. All surfaces must be treated, from multiple angles for the treatment to be effective.

Is Ultraviolet Sanitation effective at killing viruses and bacteria?

Yes, research has shown that UVC at elevated levels can kill airborne & foodborne pathogens, molds and yeasts provided UVC treatment time is tailored correctly to the specific application. Applications of UVC have become much more common since March of 2020,

Is Ultraviolet (UVC) Sanitation safe?

Yes, when performed by a trained technician, using high-quality equipment and all appropriate safety-gear UVC Sanitations are very safe. In fact, no chemicals are used during a UVC sanitation, meaning no chemical residue is left behind on surfaces. Service technicians wear full-respirator masks and UVC eye protection when treating.

Can I be home during a treatment?

In the case of a whole-home treatment – customers must vacate the home for roughly 5 hours to allow the technician time to fully address all surfaces with enough time for an effective kill. In the case of an individual room UVC Sanitations provided the room can be closed off and effectively sealed, the customer can be home during the treatment. Single room sanitations can take up to 2 hours.


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