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Possums (the common name for the actual name opossums) are interesting critters indeed. When they’re not in attack mode they may look quite adorable, except for the fact that they look like a huge rat! So for many humans, the mere sight of a possum can already cause quite a scare. Some might think that possum removal is easy because these animals would play possum or play dead as self-defense, but it’s never a good idea to attempt opossum removal on your own.

Just when you thought it was okay to pick them up they might just attack and bite you, so they can be dangerous to people and domestic animals. They are attracted to homes and buildings where they can get into garbage cans, gardens with cultivated fruits and vegetables, and where other wildlife prey can be found.

In many cases, possums will rip through screens or enter into homes or buildings through exposed duct vents and other openings. They can be aggressive and have razor-sharp teeth and claws, so never make the mistake of assuming these critters are harmless. Err on the side of caution!

While they can be trapped using bait, it is illegal to re-release them back into the wild without a permit. Plus, it just puts you at risk of getting bitten or scratched and possibly exposed to a disease. The best way to get rid of them is to call professionals who can help you out with possum removal services, and at Animal Wildlife Trappers we have years of experience humanely removing possums.

Why Do Possums Like Places Where Humans Reside?

To make a long story short, possums like going into homes and buildings mainly because of the food they can easily source from the garbage, pet dish, or even your kitchen. They’re nocturnal animals so this means they’re active mostly during night time. It’s not uncommon for you to hear scurrying in the kitchen or even in your attic at night and think it might be a big rat, only to find out in the morning that an opossum was around. When this happens possum removal should be your first thought.

Possums don’t build their own dens like other animals in the wild. Instead, they look for abandoned places like old cars, buildings or even burrows where they can settle down. They eat pretty much everything from plants to insects to dead animals and your garbage. So if you’re leaving your garbage out in the open or if your dog has some leftovers, expect an opossum to indulge in those. Possum habits are very interesting, and you can learn more about possums.

What Are The Dangers of Having a Possum in Your Home?

Some people think that it’s okay to handle a possum on their own because these animals aren’t rabies carriers. This means that a possum bite can’t give you rabies the same way you would from other animals like raccoons and bats.

However, opossums carry a whole lot more diseases including spotted fever, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, coccidiosis, and more, which are very serious illnesses that could even lead to death. This is why possum removal is a must if you have one invading your home or property.

The next time you decide to catch a possum on your own, think about these dangers first. While they might play possum on you and make you believe it’s okay to touch them, they might just get aggressive and you’ll end up with a bite.

Animal Wildlife Trappers Provide Professionals in Possum Removal

Contact us immediately if you find an opossum in your home or if you feel one is lurking outdoors and can pose a threat to your family or property. Our team services areas in Orlando, Clermont, Apopka, Clermont, and other surrounding Central Florida communities.

We are experts in animal removals and have handled countless opossums in the past years. We will catch, trap, and get rid of these opossums the most humane way possible while ensuring your safety at the same time.

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