Longwood Animal Removal

In Longwood, FL, infestations come in all forms. Some animals burrow in your yard, and others chew through the very structure of your home or business. If you need help getting wild animals off of your property or out of your building, contact us at Animal Wildlife Trappers. From rats to raccoons, we know how to safely handle animals, remove all traces of an infestation, and repair any wildlife-related damage. Keep reading to learn more about our Longwood animal removal services.

Longwood Rat Removal

Because of their consistent need to chew, rats are a huge threat to your commercial or residential property. Rats will gnaw on wooden beams, wires, walls, and more. As if the trouble of one rat isn’t enough, these rodents quickly multiply to create widespread infestations. If you notice any strange activity around your home, schedule a complimentary Animal Wildlife Trappers inspection right away.

Squirrel Removal in Longwood

Squirrel Removal Service Orlando

Like rats, squirrels have a tendency to chew. Whether it’s to open up a pathway into your building or to ground materials and build a nest, squirrels will use their teeth. To get these animals out fast, call our team for safe, full-service removal. We use exclusion techniques that expel squirrels without harming or hurting them. Here’s what our three-step system looks like:

  1. We start by safely removing all squirrels from your building.
  2. Then, we repair entry points that other animals could use.
  3. Finally, we sterilize the parts of your property affected by the infestation.

Schedule Longwood Animal Removal Services

An animal infestation can be devastating to your wallet. Still, it’s safer and more cost-effective to have someone from our team perform a free inspection than to try and use DIY traps or similar animal removal methods. With no obligations, we’ll examine your home and check for signs of animals in the attic, walls, chimney, crawlspace, or anywhere they might be hiding. If we don’t find any suspicious activity, we won’t charge you. Give us a call at 352-267-0546 to schedule your free inspection or to learn more about any of our Longwood animal removal services.

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