Happy Customers (Testimonials)

Happy Customer Testimonials

“I hired Animal Wildlife Trappers Inc. in Oct 2014 and would highly recommend them.  I’ve use them for my wildlife recovery needs and have called them several times since my first experience.  They do a FANTASTIC Job, reliable, trustworthy, fair, affordable, and more importantly they are the best at what they do.  I live next to a huge non developed area in the back of my house and there is tons of wildlife that comes in contact with my home. Being from OH this is all new to me and when I call them they are over in a timely manner and take care of anything I don’t want near my home.  Absolutely love these guys and would refer them to everyone I know.”  ~ Steve Baldzicki

“Chris of Animal Wildlife Trappers had quite a challenge at my house and I am very pleased with the outcome.  He did a thorough job in locating the areas the squirrels were entering my attic and sealing the areas.  NO MORE SQUIRRELS IN MY ATTIC!  Also, the rats in the attic that I didn’t know were there, GONE.  Another problem was an armadillo in my back yard which he trapped.  I appreciate him taking on the challenge and being very dependable, patient, and courteous.  Great Job!  I would recommend American Wildlife Trappers for sure. ”  ~ Jeannine Rowell

“I swear by Animal Wildlife Trappers, they’ve handled all my clients without an issue. They are responsive, professional, and efficient. Time and time again they have proven themselves to me and my team.”  ~ Chris Welsh (Massey Services, Sales)

“I hire Animal Wildlife Trappers, Inc. for all of my clients nusicance animal issues. I know that my clients are well taken care of when their technician shows up to the job. They get every job done with a level of enthusiasm and professionalism far superior to all other vendors.”  ~ Tom Melvin (Massey Services, Sales)

“I called several companies over the past six years, I’d guess around 75 total companies, some guys had 20-30 years of experience and looked at my house up and down. They patched things here and there and almost every company said they solved my problems, but I still was hearing the rodents at night. I was still looking for the right guy when I finally met the guys from Animal Wildlife Trappers. They inspected my house and thought it had to be a pipe in a wall. They were patient and worked with me, not trying to make a quick buck off me. We had a roofer cut where they thought the pipe was and sure enough it was there with the signs of rodents. I’m no longer hearing noise and very happy to have closure to this issue. AWT was honest and I’d recommend to any of my friends, family, or my own customers.”  ~ Gary Lovegrove

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