Auburndale Animal Removal Services

If you’re a homeowner or business owner in the Auburndale, FL, area, you’re familiar with all sorts of wild animals. What you probably aren’t familiar with is finding them inside your building. At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we’re here to help homes and businesses in the Central Florida area through the process of finding and removing wild animals. From exclusion and relocation to entry point repair and sanitization, our team can take over the toughest tasks and guarantee the best results. Take a closer look at our Auburndale animal removal services below.

Auburndale Raccoon Removal

One of the most frequent carriers of rabies, raccoons are scavengers known for rummaging through trash. If you find a mess of garbage in your front yard or notice shuffling noises coming from above, it’s possible that raccoons are the culprit. Instead of trying to set your own traps or confront potentially rabid animals, call us at Animal Wildlife Trappers. We use safe, humane equipment and methods to rid your commercial or residential property of raccoons.

Rat Removal Auburndale, FL

Rat Removal Orlando FL

Trying to capture and remove every rat in your home or business is a time-consuming, costly, and risky process to try and handle by yourself. To save money and reduce any chance of injury, partner with our professionals at Animal Wildlife Trappers. We pride ourselves on using humane methods of rat removal. And, once we get rid of each rodent, we’ll repair any remaining entry points that could allow more animals into your building.

Call for Auburndale Animal Removal

When you hear strange noises or find unexpected signs of animals anywhere inside your building, contact us at Animal Wildlife Trappers. To provide the most effective results possible, we not only offer exclusion and relocation, but we also provide entry point repair and sanitization and service all the following animals:

In fact, we’re so confident in the safety and security of our Auburndale animal removal services that we offer a three-year guarantee on them. To get a free estimate or schedule a complimentary inspection of your commercial or residential property, you can reach us by phone at 352-267-0546.

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