Pest Animal Damage Repair

Pest & Animal Damage Repair

Once they’re out, we keep them out.

pest animal damage repairOur professionals specialize in patching and sealing up areas that have been compromised or provide a potential entryway for wildlife. Vulnerable areas on your property include, but are not limited to:

  • Roof vents
  • Roof returns
  • Pipe stacks
  • Goose neck vents
  • Open Air Condition chase
  • Gaps in siding
  • Loose soffit screens
  • Chew holes
  • Or any number of areas exposed to the outdoors

We find those areas before the wildlife makes a home in yours!

Once these areas are identified, our repair professionals close off the gaps using steel flashing, rodenticide deterrent and special sealants. Our professionals are experts in repairing compromised entryways for uninvited visitors. These repairs are intended to keep wildlife out for the long term.

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