Rabbit Removal

Rabbit Removal Orlando FL

For a lot of people, rabbits are such cute and adorable creatures that would most likely cause no harm to humans or property at all. While this can be true especially if you take in rabbits as pets, the first statement remains false many times. In fact, Animal Wildlife Trappers has received numerous calls for rabbit removal from our clients. They can become such frustrating pests outdoors and sometimes even indoors.

Rabbits love the great outdoors. Especially if you plant crops, fruits, and vegetables in your garden, they’d probably think they entered paradise when they come across your property. They multiply and reproduce quite quickly too. If you don’t make a move in removing rabbits you find in your yard today, you might have to deal with a rabbit infestation pretty soon.

How Damaging Can Rabbits Get?

True, they’re cute and all that, but rabbits can be quite pestering critters for sure. At first look, you might not even notice that they’re already in your property. We’ve seen some clients who never thought they had a rabbit’s nest until the babies became large and strong enough to wander through their garden. Outdoors, a pregnant female rabbit would create burrows and give birth there to around three baby rabbits. One female rabbit can give birth anywhere between 5 and 6 times every year! Just imagine how many they would get if you just let them be around.

These rabbits have huge appetites. Though movies and books would show them primarily as carrot eaters, rabbits can go ahead and consume other vegetables, fruits, and even flowers. One sign that a rabbit is in your property is when you see clean-cut damage on your crops and plants. While insects and other pests would bite directly on leaves and fruits leaving holes behind, rabbits would get the entire thing off its stem.

When a rabbit enters the home or a building, they can cause major disruption and damage over time. Rabbits are known to breed quite actively and therefore, we see a lot of clients who have repeated instances of infestations. In addition, they store up food caches and in some cases die within hard-to-reach spaces and leave a foul odor. Indoors, female rabbits would nest and may give birth beneath walls, crawlspaces, underneath porches, basements, and other hidden areas.

Professional Rabbit Removal

Unless you plan on taking countless rabbits within a year or so, you have to make a move in removing one or a few that you find on your property immediately. Using repellents and other DIY traps may work for some but more often than not, we’ve seen property owners having a hard time removing rabbits completely and permanently. To avoid further damage and so you can humanely capture these critters, professional assistance is highly recommended.

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we have animal and wildlife removal experts who can humanely and safely remove these rabbits from your property. Our team will trap, remove, and prevent further infestation of rabbits once we have identified exposed areas within your property, whether you have a rabbit problem indoors or outdoors. Our services are available in Orlando, Winter Park, Deltona, Sanford, Windermere, Ocoee, and nearby areas. To get a free estimate, you can call us at 352-267-0546.

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