Tilden’s Grove

Tilden’s Grove

Tildens Grove GateIn 1998, the land was cleared for the construction of Bellaria. The roads and infrastructure were installed however ground never broke on the first home until the fall of 2015. During the 7 year period the land was maintained, however, provided lots of tall grass and open space providing the ideal habitat for raccoons, opossums, squirrels and rats.

In the early 2000’s clearing the land for the construction of Tilden’s Grove would have driven local wildlife populations across the street to the gated field-haven that was Bellaria at the time – providing a nearby refuge wildlife.

In 2005 as Bellaria began construction, residing wildlife would have been forced to resort to the next best location – the land adjacent on McKinnon Road where Bella Casa stands today. They would have been able to reside here for almost an entire decade until the land for Bella Casa was cleared in preparation for construction in 2013.

It was around this time that Animal Wildlife Trappers first started working with the homeowners of Tilden’s Grove. Once the land for Bella Casa was cleared, wildlife was left with only two remaining locations to reside – the small strip of conservation area that the Tilden’s Grove subdivision (see satellite images below), or a home or attic by exploiting unseen gaps in a home’s roof or exterior.

Animal Wildlife Trappers is extending a neighborly hand and offering $150 off any wildlife removal service that requires the sealing of entry points on the home.

Our approach to wildlife removal starts with a no-charge inspection. We invite you, as the homeowner, to join us on our inspection – so that you see what we see. In the event that our AWT representative is able to identify evidence of wildlife in your home or attic – they will be able to quickly prescribe a solution customized for your home. Every roof is different; and with each home a different approach is needed depending on the amount of entry points as well as the target animal which we are removing.

Feel free to take a look around the rest of our website and learn about Animal Wildlife Trappers, our local beginnings, services we provide to our customers, as well as the industry-leading guarantee that backs them. Please contact us if you have any questions at 352-267-0546.


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