Bat Infestation Cleanup

While dealing with a bat infestation may seem like a terribly frustrating experience, the aftermath is often much more concerning. The main concern regarding the aftermath of a bat infestation is the amount of guano or bat droppings, that is likely to have accumulated in the infested area. Nesting bats often leave mounds of highly toxic substances. If not addressed quickly, guano can pose extreme health hazards to you and your family.

To ensure the threat is neutralized, it is important to enlist the help of professional animal removal services to both legally exclude invasive bats and thoroughly sanitize your property following an infestation. However, if you’d like to try tackling bat infestation cleanup on your own, here is what you need to know.

The Dangers of a Bat Infestation

Guano can accumulate incredibly quickly. During the summertime, when bat activity levels are at their highest, bats can release guano up to 30 times each day. Depending on the amount of bats nesting in your home, that can be a significant amount to deal with. Guano can not only make your entire house smell, but some bat guano can transfer fungal infections to those who come into contact with it. Furthermore, bat guano is also known to attract other pests, like cockroaches, which can cause an entirely new infestation issue.

The Tools You’ll Need for Bat Infestation Cleanup

In order to avoid the spread of dangerous infections, it is important to have the proper gear for your bat infestation cleanup. Here are the tools and equipment you will need to decontaminate your home of toxic bat guano:

  1. Disinfectants
  2. An enzyme-based cleaner
  3. Eye protection
  4. A face mask
  5. A full-body biohazard suit
  6. A head light
  7. A HEPA air filter
  8. Plastic shoe covers
  9. Rubber gloves
  10. A vacuum cleaner

Rely on Local Bat Infestation Removal and Cleanup Experts

Experiencing a bat infestation and then dealing with its aftermath can be an incredibly stressful and costly experience. This is why you should not go it alone. Instead, rely on the expert wildlife technicians at Animal Wildlife Trappers. Our team of wildlife control professionals is experienced in providing safe, efficient, and humane bat exclusion services. We also take the extra step of sanitizing the infested areas after the animals have been relocated, eliminating any lingering risks. For more information on our bat infestation cleanup services or to schedule an inspection and receive a free wildlife removal quote, call Animal Wildlife Trappers today at 352-267-0546.

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