Signs Pointing to Bats in Your Attic

Bat Removal Orlando FLBats are generally harmless critters. They won’t go anywhere near humans and probably won’t attack you unless they feel threatened. However, there are certain risks and dangers when it comes to these animals. Especially when you find out there are bats in your attic, you must do something about them right away.

The presence of bats in the attic can cause damage to your home. They are, in fact, very clean animals but their droppings or guano can produce such a bad stench. They also carry quite a number of viruses and diseases including rabies. Once you find out there are bats lurking around your home, it is best to have them removed right away.

So if you don’t see them around your home, especially since these bats roam around at night as they are nocturnal creatures, how would you know they’re actually there? Here are some signs pointing to bats in the attic.

Strange droppings found on your attic floor

Bat droppings or guano look very similar to rat droppings so it might be hard to tell if what you see in the attic come from bats. However, bat guano comes in large amounts especially when there are multiple bats residing in your attic. If you see so many droppings in one spot, then those most likely come from bats. Eventually, these droppings will create such a bad stench that can spread all over your house.

Bad smell coming from the attic

If there’s such a bad stench almost like ammonia coming from the attic, then check if there are bat droppings around. Over time, especially when guano accumulates and is combined with urine, you will smell an ammonia-like scent that’s hard to miss because it can get quite strong.

Squeaking or chirping and flapping sounds at night

When you hear some movement in the attic especially in the middle of the night, then that might be a sign of bats. They are awake at night so they will most likely make sounds by then. If there’s large space in your attic, you might even hear flapping sounds from their wings.

Strange scratches on the walls

If there are some strange scratches on the walls or even some stains on the entry points of your attic, then those could also be signs that bats have taken over.

Honestly speaking, it can get quite creepy if you’d have to check the attic yourself in the middle of the night should you hear sounds of what could be bats. To make sure that you’re actually dealing with bats, it is best to check the attic in the morning for droppings. If one or all of these signs above are present, it is now best to call on animal trappers to help you with bat removal.

Animal Wildlife Trappers is a company that offers animal removal services the most humane way possible. We ensure that all our staff members are professionals and are knowledgeable in dealing with any kind of critter that you need to be removed from your property. Our services are available in Orlando, Maitland, Longwood, Winter Park, Deltona, and surrounding communities. Call us at 352-267-0546 for a free estimate!

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