Critter Noises: The Sounds You Hear from the Attic

Critter Noises OrlandoAn attic is a useful place for storage. It is found in many Florida homes. While some people primarily use their attic area to store things they rarely use, some don’t use the attic at all except for insulation purposes. Truth be told, while others convert attics into cozy bedrooms, not a lot of people even enter their attic for many months. Because of the absence of humans and since it is mostly warm, it is quite common to hear critter noises from the attic.

When you hear noises in the attic, you probably know right away that there must be critters around. It is understandable how some people won’t even dare to check to see what kind of wild animal found its way to the attic. But if you listen carefully, you might just know what kind of critter you’re dealing with.

The Most Common Critter Noises in Attics

Squirrel: When you hear scurrying sounds from the attic during the daytime, it could definitely be a squirrel. Note that squirrels can be very dangerous and some of them have even caused house fires when left uncaptured.

Bats: If there’s a colony of bats in the attic, they would remain silent all day as these are nocturnal creatures. When the sun finally sets, you may hear high-pitch chirps, a soft fluttering of wings, and light scurrying sounds. Some bats also attempt to climb walls so you might also hear some scratching sounds.

Rats and Mice: Usually soft and fast little footsteps, rats and mice are commonly found in attic spaces. You can sometimes also hear them chewing on wood, paper or plastic materials. When there’s more than one rat or mouse in the attic, you may even hear faint to loud squeaking sounds.

Raccoons and Possums: Since they are nocturnal, they’re usually heard at night but it’s also possible for raccoons and possums to make noises in the attic during the daytime. Raccoons may growl or make calling sounds. Both raccoons and possums can make loud thumping noises.

When you hear any kind of critter noises from the attic, it’s time to call on the experts. Animal Wildlife Trappers is here to help. Aside from humane animal removal services, we also offer attic sanitation to ensure that your attic is clean from all contaminants and possible diseases and germs left behind by critters. Our services are available in Orlando, Sanford, Lake Mary, Apopka, Clermont, Windermere, and nearby areas. Call 352-267-0546 to get a free estimate!

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