Do Possums Carry Rabies?

It is generally advised that you do not interact with a wild animal if you encounter one on your property. This rule of thumb is important for many reasons but is mostly recommended to ensure both your safety and the safety of the animal. When scared or cornered, wild animals can lash out to protect themselves or their young. They may bite, scratch, or hiss in defense of any perceived threat, and this can be incredibly dangerous because it is always possible that wild mammals can carry rabies.

Opossums, or possums, in particular, are a species of wild animal that is often associated with the disease; however, are possums as susceptible to rabies as the rumors claim?

The Truth About Possums and Rabies

It is important to note that all mammals are susceptible to rabies, this, of course, includes both humans and possums. That said, it is actually very rare to come across a possum infected with rabies. While some creatures are more susceptible to rabies than others, the opossum is not one of them. Possums actually have a very low average body temperature for a mammal, and scientists believe that this makes it very difficult, nearly impossible, for the disease to survive within the creature. Therefore, an encounter with a rabies-infected raccoon or a skunk is much more likely than encountering a possum with the disease.

The Danger of Invasive Possums

However, there are still many dangers associated with possums. Possums are attracted to residential and commercial properties because they provide shelter and access to food. While they are docile creatures, possums can cause serious damage to your property. This generally includes ruining the aesthetics of your landscaping, destroying fruit and vegetable gardens, and disturbing your trash cans and pet food bowls.

Furthermore, just because possums typically don’t carry rabies does not mean that they don’t carry other dangerous diseases. Most infamously, possums are known to carry leprosy. Therefore, if you have a possum infestation on your property, it is best that you keep a safe distance and contact animal control professionals as soon as you identify an infestation.

Local Humane Possum Removal Services

Even if you feel sympathetic towards these creatures, it is important that you rely on the professional opossum removal services at Animal Wildlife Trappers to best protect yourself, your property, and the creature. 

Our team of licensed wildlife removal experts are dedicated to providing you with efficient, effective, and humane animal removal services. Our technicians are highly trained and educated in safe wildlife removal practices, guaranteeing that your wildlife issue is quickly and entirely resolved and the creatures are safely removed and relocated elsewhere. Not only that, but we take the extra step of equipping your home with extra protection, ensuring that your wildlife infestation issue will not be returning any time soon.

For more information on our opossum removal services or to schedule an appointment with one of our wildlife removal experts, call Animal Wildlife Trappers today at 352-267-0546.

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