Does Anything Kill Rats Instantly?

Rats can be a major irritant in the household, and many people struggle with how to get rid of them. If you have a rat problem in your home, then it is important to take care of it immediately as the often diseased rodents can quickly multiply, damage, and contaminate your property. Here are some methods to kill rats instantly.

Rat Traps

Using a rat trap is one of the quickest ways to kill rats instantly. However, there are different types of rat traps that vary in effectiveness and convenience:

  1. Snap Traps – The most well-known type of rat trap, snap traps are traditionally made of wood with a metal spring-loaded bar that snaps down on the pest when it is triggered. There are also newer plastic versions that have sharp ridges that snap shut when the rat is detected. While snap traps can kill rats instantly, they can also be triggered accidentally by curious children, pets, and untrained rat trappers.
  2. Glue Traps – Glue traps consist of wooden or plastic baited platforms coated with a strong, sticky substance. However, glue traps are single-use devices. Once the rat sticks to the trap, it cannot get free and will slowly die. The traps and dead rodent can then be thrown away.
  3. Electric Traps – A fast acting but similarly inhumane method, electric traps are cage-like in shape and shoot an electric shock through the trapped rat, instantly killing it.
  4. Live Traps – Live traps won’t kill an invasive rat, but will instead use bait to lure the pest inside and trap it to be released or disposed of in another location.

Rat Poisons

If your efforts of using rat traps are not working, then you may consider using store-bought rat poisons to take care of your growing rat problem. While spraying rat poison will kill rats instantly, you should be aware of the many risks associated with using such toxic chemicals. Rat poison can be lethal not only to rats but also to pets and humans if not strategically administered by wildlife removal professionals.

Bait stations work like an open trap where rats can enter and consume poisoned bait then return to die at their nest, creating a foul, lingering dead rat smell in your home that makes you and your family sick.

Instead of attempting the above DIY rat removal methods on your own and putting your safety at risk, rely on the efficient and non-toxic animal removal services provided by the licensed, trained, and experienced wildlife removal experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers.

Kill Rats Instantly With Professional Rat Removal Services

From rats to bats and everything in between, the professional animal removal experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers ensure safe and effective wild animal removal services. Our licensed and trained technicians have the equipment and experience necessary to provide you with high-quality rat removal services that ensure the nuisance pests are removed completely and permanently.

To schedule an appointment and receive a free rat removal estimate, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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