Are Free Animal Removal Services a Real Thing?

Are There Any Free Animal Removal Services Near Me?

This is probably one of the things you are wondering about especially if you’ve experienced having a critter enter your property more than just a couple of times. There comes a time when any homeowner may have some form of wildlife come into close contact with them. It may be the case of a critter just exploring for food or something that causes more concern such as an animal that tries to take up permanent residence on someone’s property. This happens more and more as many animals’ natural habitats start to shrink across the USA. When these encounters happen, it’s only normal that a homeowner wants to do something about them. Most of the time this means calling a critter control expert to remove the unwanted wildlife from the property.

This question can be answered with both a yes and no. There are several reasons for this. When you spot a critter that’s wreaking havoc or posing danger in public property such as on the sidewalk near your home or a parking lot, then you can call animal control for help. You will not be responsible for the bill.

For wildlife intrusions in your private property, you may have to call for a private animal removal contractor. You need help from a professional to safely and humanely remove a raccoon from your attic or a squirrel messing with your garden. The same goes for eliminating a large wasp’s nest or some squirrels that are burrowing and damaging sections of your roof. These are all tasks that will need to be done by wildlife removal experts at your own expense.

Free Services that Animal Removal Experts Do Offer

So are there any free animal removal services near me? Truth be told, not everything comes with a price tag when you need professional assistance. For instance, at Animal Wildlife Trappers, we do not charge our customers for the following: 

Free Animal Intrusion Inspections

Before any animal removal professional can solve a critter problem for you, they must first see what’s going on. At times, even you may not be sure if there is actually a wild animal invading your property. When you suspect a critter, then you may call us to do an inspection of what’s going on. We will make sure they identify the type of animal that is encroaching upon your property, how that critter is getting onto your property or in your home and come up with a plan to remove it. 

Free Animal Removal Estimate

After the inspection has been done by a wildlife removal expert, you will probably then be curious as to how much it will cost to remove unwanted critters from your property. For this, you will need the expert doing the animal removal inspection to write you up a quote form. This estimate will include the steps that need to be done to take remove the wildlife from your property and how much the service will cost. There is no charge to you from the critter control expert to write up this information for you. As such, you will also be under no obligation to hire the wildlife removal expert if you do not like the price they presented to you for their services.

Free Animal Removal Quote

Some people opt for DIY animal removal because they feel like calling for professional assistance will cost them a lot of money. However, buying animal traps repeatedly, because DIY’s are usually temporary band-aid solutions, can also get expensive. If unsuccessful and when animals begin to damage your property, then you may have to spend even more. But did you know that most contractors offer a free animal removal quote?

Not all but there are animal removal contractors like the Animal Wildlife Trappers that offer a free animal removal estimate so that you can know in advance how much you would spend in case you call for expert assistance. It is understandable that many of us live on a tight budget and unexpected expenses such as critter removal service is not part of the monthly budget plan. Therefore, we are committed to being transparent to our clients by offering a free animal removal quote so that you know how much our service would cost.

There are many factors affecting the cost for animal removals such as the size and condition of the animal, its location, the number of animals you need to be removed, and more. All these factors affect the overall cost of the service you require. When you are unsure about all these, worry not because Animal Wildlife Trappers offers free animal intrusion inspection too. We will come to your property and check on the possible entry points of wild animals, where they hide, and what kinds of wild animals you are dealing with. We will offer a free estimate for animal removal based on our findings.

So when you’re looking for a professional and experienced critter removal contractor are available in Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, Sumter, and Hardee County, do not hesitate to reach out to Animal Wildlife Trappers to get your free animal removal quote. You may reach us at 352-267-054 for your inquiries.

Call the Animal Removal Experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers Today!

So, in the end, there truly are always some yes answers to the question ‘are there any free animal removal services near me’. At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we offer free animal intrusion inspections and free estimates to our customers in Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Longwood, and surrounding areas. Our prices are honest and transparent as well. We will never burden our customers with fees they were never aware of in the first place.

For a free quote or inspection, get in touch at 352-267-0546.

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