What Is the Most Effective Rodent Control?

What Is the Most Effective Rodent Control?

A rodent infestation on your residential or commercial property can lead to costly damage and disturbing sounds and smells that can cause anyone to panic. Don’t be caught off guard if you find your property infested with rodents. Instead, arm yourself with the following effective rodent control and prevention methods that will help you get rats, mice, or squirrels out of your home or business.

Best Rodent Control Methods

  • Keeping Your Property Tidy and Organized

Cleaning and sanitizing your property is one of the most effective methods of rodent control. Rodents will typically only infest properties that provide them with easy access to food. Therefore, if you put your food away after meals, store dry foods in plastic containers, and regularly vacuum and sweep up crumbs, then the rodents will have no choice but to relocate to find their next meal.

Additionally, keeping your property organized can also aid you in your rodent control efforts. Rodents often make their nests outside in piles of debris or inside cluttered attics. The less clutter that you have on your property, the fewer places rodents will have to hide and feel safe.

  • Using Natural Rodent Deterrents

Rodents are known to have a sensitive sense of smell, so a great way to deter the pests is by assaulting their senses. Several natural scents will repel rodents and encourage them to hunt for food elsewhere. One such scent is peppermint. Cheap to buy and easy to implement, peppermint oil can be dabbed on cotton balls and placed near areas of high rodent activity to chase the pests away.

If the strong smell of peppermint is too overwhelming, eucalyptus oil also works well at deterring nuisance rats, mice, and squirrels. However, keep in mind that the cotton balls should be changed regularly to remain effective, as they will lose their scent over time.

  • Calling Your Local Rodent Control Professionals

Ultimately, the most effective and permanent method of rodent control is enlisting the help of professional rodent removal services. A licensed and trained rodent control professional will have the equipment and experience needed to provide you with rodent removal services that are both thorough and permanent.

Effective Rodent Control Services in Orlando

For safe, high-quality, and humane rodent control services in Orlando, rely on the experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers. Our effective methods will quickly eliminate your rodent problem and return the peace to your Central Florida home or business. To schedule an appointment with one of our rodent control professionals and receive a complimentary estimate for our rodent control services, call Animal Wildlife Trappers today at 352-267-0546.

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