Preventing and Removing Wildlife Infestations in Your Home

Preventing and Removing Wildlife Infestations in Your Home

Nobody wants to deal with nuisance wildlife in their home. Skunks, raccoons, possums, rats, squirrels, and mice are all wild animals that commonly try to nest in residential attics, garages, and underneath porches. These pests can cause property damage by chewing drywall and structural beams or by spreading contaminated waste that can carry disease. Whether you’re looking to deal with a wildlife infestation or prevent one from starting, there are ways to protect you and your property.

Ways to Prevent Wildlife Infestations

  1. Secure your attic

    Attics are common spaces to find wild animals because they’re quiet, dark spaces that are often filled with clutter. It’s easy for animals to access attics through vents or cracks. The easiest way to prevent wildlife from getting in your attic is by placing a screen over any windows or caulking smaller openings or cracks.

  2. Clean your yard

    Your lawn and backyard are often the first line of defense against nuisance wildlife infestations. Debris can provide shelter to wild animals as they plot their way inside, so clean up any piles to get rid of potential hiding spots. Waste bins are also a main source of food for hungry wildlife. Stop attracting animals to your property by securing your trash and storing it inside when possible.

  3. Protect your porch

    A screened-in porch and the crawl space below it can provide wildlife with a safe, dry space to nest. Patch any holes in your porch screen and seal any cracks. Cover the space below your deck with wood, wire mesh, or towels to prevent animals from making it their home.

Dangers of DIY Wildlife Removal

While preventative measures are easy to DIY, you should never try to remove an animal from your property by yourself. Most wild animals are normally docile but can get defensive and attack if they feel threatened or trapped. A bite or scratch from a wild animal can be a huge health risk and transmit disease. Instead of putting yourself and your loved ones in harm’s way, rely on the experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers to deal with your growing wildlife infestation.

Expert Wildlife Infestation Removal Services

The licensed and trained technicians at Animal Wildlife Trappers have the equipment and experience to provide you with high-quality wildlife prevention and removal services that are both permanent and safe. To schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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