5 Telling Signs of Rats in the Attic

5 Telling Signs of Rats in the Attic

Rats like occupying dark places that are close to accessible food and water sources. That is why their habitat of choice is often improperly sealed residential attics. Attics provide rats with a safe place to nest and breed and a way to easily navigate around properties. To stop invasive rats from infesting your entire home, contact rat removal experts as soon as you recognize the following signs of rats in attic spaces.

Signs That You Have Rats in Attic

Rats are cunning rodents that are quite good at hiding their presence. However, if you can catch a growing rat infestation at an early stage, you can evict the pests before they begin destroying your possessions and affecting your way of life.

Here are five telling signs that you have rats in attic:

  1. Squeaking sounds
    The persistent and annoying sounds of a rat in your attic will keep you up at night. If you hear squeaking, scratching, or strange noises coming from your attic, it is probably time to call a rat removal professional to investigate.

  2. Scurrying steps
    If there’s more than one rat occupying your attic, you’ll absolutely hear it when they chase each other around your attic floors. Their tiny little steps scurrying above you as you sleep can certainly be alarming.

  3. Fallen objects
    When rats become bigger, they can easily knock items off of tables and shelves as they scurry around. If you hear things falling down on the floor or if you see something out of place, it might have been a rat.

  4. Scattered bits of paper and plastic
    Rats like chewing on materials like paper and plastic and often use pieces to build nests. If you notice scatterings around your attic, then rats are likely nesting nearby.

  5. Rat feces throughout your home
    Rats defecate anywhere they wish. But beware! Rat feces can be deadly, especially if it contaminates your food or drink. If you see tiny black or brown droppings along your floors or in your pantry, a rat is probably somewhere inside your home.

While it is much easier to get rid of rats in attics than from behind walls or above hollow ceilings, rat removal can get extra challenging when rats begin multiplying and spreading their infestation. Once they have time to set-up a community, it can take a lot of effort to extricate them. Therefore, you should immediately call the rat removal professionals at Animal Wildlife Trappers when you discover rats have started to infest your attic.

Safe and Effective Rat Removal Services Near You

The trained technicians at Animal Wildlife Trappers have the equipment and experience to provide you with high-quality rat removal services that will permanently take care of your rat problem. To schedule an appointment and receive a free rat removal estimate, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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