Rats in the Attic? 5 Telling Signs

Rats in the AtticRats like occupying dark places. One might think that they like living with humans, but they really don’t. But when they are around they do their best to be invisible because that’s the best way they can get their daily source of food and a safe place to live. And because they are quite good at hiding their presence, it is important to know the 5 telling signs that you may have rats in the attic.

So what’s their habitat of choice? Your attic.

Especially if you rarely go up to your attic, rats might very well live there if your attic is not properly sealed. Truth be told, it is a bit easier to get rid of them in the attic rather than if they find a perfect spot behind walls or in hollow ceilings. But it gets extra challenging when rats begin creating their own families and start multiplying right above your head. Once they have been there a while and set-up a community, it can take a lot of effort to extricate them!

It is best to know the signs that rats have started to infest your attic. This way, you can stop them at an early stage before they begin destroying your possessions and affect your way of life.

Here are 5 of the many telling signs rats are in your attic:

  1. Squeaking sounds – Definitely not an adorable bark or meow, that persistent annoying squeaking sound of a rat in your attic will keep you up at night. So if you hear any type of squeaking or odd noises coming from your attic, it is probably time to call the professionals to investigate.
  1. Scurrying steps – That’s not a ghost you’re hearing walking around. Especially if there’s more than one rat occupying your attic, you’d absolutely hate it when they chase each other. Their tiny little steps scurrying above you as you sleep peacefully will certainly send chills up your spine.
  1. Smaller objects falling down – The earth is not shaking and you’re pretty sure you’ve placed all your things in a secure area. When rats become bigger, they can easily push over your possessions from table and shelves. If you hear things falling down on the floor or if you see something out of place, it might have been a rat.
  1. Little pieces of paper and plastic scattered – Rats like chewing on things including paper and plastic. Because they don’t usually consume materials that are not food, they will most likely leave them scattered behind.
  1. Rat feces found anywhere inside your home – Rats defecate anywhere they wish. Beware because their feces can be deadly especially when it touches your food or drink. If you see those tiny black or brown things that came out of nowhere, a rat must be somewhere inside your home.

You may experience one or all of these signs, or some others that are not mentioned. If you suspect a rat or rats are in your attic, don’t take the situation lightly. Get rid of these pests right away. Call the pros at Animal Wildlife Trappers at 352-267-0546 for a free quote, or a free consultation.

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