Removing a Dead Animal

Most Florida homeowners know very well that when they encounter a wild animal on their property, it is best to reach out to licensed professionals for assistance in getting rid of the critter. Often, when an animal no longer lives, some of us would take matters into our own hands by disposing of the animal in the garbage or burying it in our backyard. However, removing a dead animal is not always as simple as that. When you do find yourself in this situation, call for professional assistance as well.

A dead animal no longer seems to be a threat to most since they can no longer attack, scratch, bite or run away. Some would simply wear gloves, pick up the animal carcass, place it in a garbage bag, and put it straight into the trash can. While this is sometimes acceptable especially when you find a small dead critter in your backyard, there’s more work needed aside from just finding ways to dispose of the body.

An animal removal contractor with plenty of experience in removing live animals can also help you in removing a dead animal from your property. Aside from actually taking the animal carcass from your property and disposing of it properly, these professionals will also make sure that the area where the dead animal was found will be cleaned and sanitized. Sure, a dead animal can no longer attack you, but they get even more dangerous when they’re dead since they carry a lot of viruses and dangerous bacteria that may cause serious sicknesses and diseases.

Dead Animal on Your Property

Have you ever encountered a dead animal on your property and didn’t know what to do with it? When an animal dies in your home, it is your responsibility to find a way to dispose of its body. This must be done immediately before the animal carcass starts to decay, spread diseases and become infested by insects. If you need assistance, call for dead animal removal service from a local licensed contractor.

When it comes to domesticated animals such as pets, property owners sometimes opt for cremation or a special burial. According to the Florida State Statute (FSS 823.041), it is illegal to dispose of the bodies of dead animals on a public road, sidewalks, or any other area where birds or other animals can feed on the animal carcass. An owner or person in charge is allowed to burn or bury the body of a dead animal at least 2 feet underground.

But when it comes to wild animals, some people simply don’t care much. They begin to care though when they start experiencing issues with these animals like:

  • Bad odor inside or outside the property
  • Dead animal infested by insects or swarmed by flies
  • Health risks
  • Stains left by the dead animal

It is great to know that you can always ask for assistance for dead animal removal. At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we can assist you in getting the animal carcass even in hard to reach areas such as in the ceiling, behind walls, crawlspaces, vents, and more. Our team can also help in sanitizing the area where you found the dead animal.

Dead Animal in House Removal

Capturing live wild animals that come into your property uninvited can get very challenging and even stressful. It’s just as challenging when you’re dealing with a critter’s carcass especially when you find one indoors. Anytime you need a dead animal in-house removal service, call a professional for assistance right away.

More often than not, a homeowner wouldn’t find out about a dead critter in their property until its carcass begins to smell. That’s actually one of the worst things about having a dead animal in your house. Even if it’s just one dead mouse, it’s very filthy odor could spread across your home and the only way to get rid of it is by removing the dead animal’s remains completely.

One of the primary reasons you should call for assistance for dead animal in house removal is that these carcasses aren’t usually found in plain sight. The stench that you can’t simply ignore will tell you that there’s a dead animal somewhere and you should be looking for it right away. Although possible but very rare, you might find it in the attic, shed or some locked room. Often times, they are right over the ceiling, crawlspaces, vents, behind walls, and other places where they could have hidden and got stuck.

Removing a dead animal from behind a wall or in tiny areas such as vents or pipes is very difficult. When done improperly, you may end up with expensive damage to your property. An animal removal contractor like the Animal Wildlife Trappers will be able to assist you in removing that carcass and repairing the possible damage the process may cause. Apart from this being a difficult job, it is dangerous too. These dead animals carry bacteria and viruses. Our team will also be able to clean and sanitize the area where the animal was so that there would be no odor, germs, bacteria, and viruses left behind.

So when you need to remove a dead animal from your house, get help from the Animal Wildlife Trappers. We are available in Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, Sumter, and Hardee County. Call us today at 352-267-0546 to get a free animal removal quote!

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we can help you with dead animal removal as well as attic sanitation, animal damage repair, and animal prevention to avoid the same things happening again on your property. Our team of experts will find out where the critter entered, seal the entry point when necessary, and clean up the area where the animal could have been to prevent spreading diseases that may have been left behind. Our services are available in Orlando, Maitland, Longwood, Winter Park, Lake Mary, and nearby cities in Central Florida. Call us today at 352-267-0546 to get a free estimate.

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