Squirrels in Your Property: Why They Shouldn’t Be There

Squirrels in Your Property: Why They Shouldn't Be There

Some squirrels could look cute and adorable. They’re generally harmless because they would quickly run away soon as you try to approach them. Because of this, many property owners don’t mind having them in their yard or trees on the lawn. They think that these squirrels would eventually leave anyway. But there are many reasons why squirrels in your property shouldn’t be there.

They are wild animals, after all, and you need special permits if you wish to domesticate one to make them pets. Yes, there are many humans who find squirrels too cute to resist so they take them indoors. While they have every right to do so especially if they have already secured permits for having squirrels at home, if you don’t intend to make one a pet, it is best to keep these squirrels away.

Dangers of Squirrels in Your Property

Cute as they may be, squirrels can bring a whole lot of damage to your property. These include:

Squirrels in your property can cause foul odor.

Stains and foul odor are quite common when you allow squirrels to remain around your property. They urinate and defecate, and when that accumulates, it could smell really bad. Especially if squirrels find their way to your attic and inhabit that area, cleaning up after them could be quite a pain.Squirrel Removal Orlando FL

Squirrels can damage insulation, wiring and other parts of your property’s structure.

We’ve heard of fires caused by squirrels and homeowners having to replace the entire wiring system of their homes just because squirrels chewed those up. Don’t let us get started with how often squirrels pee and defecate, and when they do so on your insulation, expect a whole lot of damage. Most often than not, you would have to go through a very expensive insulation replacement.

Squirrels can be a health risk.

It’s not uncommon to hear about squirrels attacking humans, and while not all of them could be carrying rabies, some of them do. Aside from squirrel bites, the body waste these squirrels leave behind could be a serious health risk to you and your family.

Let The Experts Remove Squirrels From Your Property

You need not deal with squirrels in your yard on your own. At first sight, you can just leave them be because they might take off on their own anyway. But if you observe that they are coming back and starting to invade your indoor premises, then it’s time to call Animal Wildlife Trappers. Our team has the necessary tools, equipment, and experience in handling these critters as we’ve done countless squirrel removal jobs over the years. Our services are available in Deltona, Sanford, Windermere, Ocoee, Lake Mary, Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida areas. Call 352-267-0546 for a free estimate.

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