The Fastest Way To Get Rid of Rats in Your House

It’s the middle of the night, and your eyes shoot open because you hear scurrying across the floorboards of your attic. Immediately, the fearful thought pops into your mind: “I have a rat problem.” If this happens to you, there are, fortunately, many avenues that you can take to resolve your newly discovered rat problem before it grows into a full-blown rat infestation. Here are some of the fastest ways to get rats out of your home.

4 Ways To Quickly Get Rid of Rats

  1. Block Entry Points – The first thing you should do is conduct a thorough inspection of your property. During this inspection, try and determine the rats’ entry points. If you can figure out where the rodents gained entry, you can block or seal them off and keep rats from returning. While this will effectively prevent more rats from entering your property, it will also trap the ones that are already inside, driving them deeper into your home’s walls and crawlspaces.

  2. Invest in Rat Traps and Bait – Once you’ve prevented more rats from entering your home, you’re going to want to get the ones trapped inside removed. One method of achieving this is by investing in and placing rat traps around your home. There are many different types of traps, so your best bet is to get a few different types and see what works best for your specific property and problem. Adding some bait to the traps can increase their effectiveness; however, if you have pets or small children in your house, the presence of snap traps can create a dangerous and harmful situation.

  3. Practice Proper Sanitation – While this won’t get rid of the rats already inside of your home, keeping a tidy and sanitary home prevents more animals from being attracted to your property. Rats are attracted to crumbs, so if you don’t clean up after yourself, particularly in your kitchen, rats are likely to try and claw and chew their way inside. While you are taking active steps to get rid of an existing rat problem, get in the habit of doing regular cleaning sessions in your home to prevent your problem from getting worse or coming back.

  4. Contact Professional Rat Exterminators – At the end of the day, the best and most efficient way to take care of your rat problem is to contact wildlife professionals who are licensed, insured, and trained to handle a rat infestation. By hiring rat removal experts, you will protect yourself from harm and save time, stress, and money in the long run.

Call Animal Wildlife Trappers To Take Care of Your Rat Problem

The experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers are knowledgeable and equipped to permanently solve your rat problem. Our trappers are experienced in the removal of many different common pests and have work on all different types of properties, from residential homes to commercial businesses. Not only are all of our services humane, but our removal services also come with a three-year guarantee. In addition, we are available to you 24/7 for emergency removals. To get your complimentary removal quote and be on your way to pest-free living, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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