What Causes Bad Odors in Your Home?

Have you ever had a stench that overwhelms your entire home, and you can’t determine the source? You clean out your entire fridge, deep clean the carpets, and take out the trash but there still seems to be a foul tinge lingering in the air. There are many unseen smells that build up and can even be dangerous if not removed, for they contain harmful chemicals. Below are some potential explanations for what’s causing the atrocious odors in your home and suggestions for odor removal.

7 Common Causes of Bad Indoor Odors

  1. Sewer Odors – Believe it or not, some of the main causes of odors may be beyond your control completely, such as the smell of sewage coming through your sink drains. This often occurs among unused sinks, as there is a U-shaped pipe that acts as a barrier between the sewer pipes and sink. When not in use, the water evaporates and allows the sewer odor to move through the sink. If you are experiencing a rotten egg-like smell in your bathroom, an easy fix is running the water periodically in any sinks that aren’t regularly used.
  1. Lingering Smoke – The odor from smoke can last in a home for a long while; it will embed itself into fabrics, carpets, and even the walls and floors of your house. Smoking cigars and cigarettes is clearly a dangerous habit; however, even breathing in the chemicals from the lingering smoke can be harmful. Removing cigarette smoke completely from a home is difficult, but it involves repainting and cleaning the walls, ceilings, and floors.
  1. Mold – Mold is one of the most common sources of odors in homes and typically causes a musty smell. It grows in damp areas such as basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Mold can also be toxic and cause respiratory issues. In order to eliminate mold, you must remove or reduce the moisture first, and then clean the mold that has already grown.
  1. Gas – Naturally occurring gas has no smell, but an additive makes it smell like rotten eggs, so it is more easily detected. If you think your unpleasant home odor might be gas, check your burner valves to make sure no gas sources were left on. If no source is found, it is recommended to open your windows and call a professional ASAP.
  2. Trash – Though it may be obvious to some, trash is a main source of odors in the home. A quick fix is emptying and cleaning out your trash can frequently. Sprinkling baking soda at the bottom can also neutralize any lingering trash can smells.
  1. Pets – While domestic pets can carry odors, they can also leave them on the carpet and furniture. Solutions include steam cleaning fabrics and bathing your pet regularly to help prevent extreme odors.
  2. Decaying Animals – The smell of a dead rodent or other invasive pest trapped in your walls or attic can engulf your home in an overpowering stench. This odor can be the most pungent out of all the smells and needs to be removed urgently when it occurs. The best way to combat such foul and toxic odors is to contact the animal removal experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers.

Animal Odor Removal Experts

If you suspect you are experiencing unpleasant odors due to a decaying animal in your home, then rely on the team of wildlife professionals at Animal Wildlife Trappers for safe and effective animal odor removal services. From raccoons to rats and everything in between, our licensed and trained technicians have the equipment and experience to locate and permanently remove all nuisance wildlife, dead or alive, from your property and then apply a customized Ozone and UVC treatment to eliminate the lingering smell. To schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate for our high-quality animal odor removal services, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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