What Eliminates Dead Rat Odor?

What Eliminates Dead Rat Odor?

There are no benefits to having dead rats around your home. Aside from the risk of contracting dangerous diseases like leptospirosis, the odor of a dead rat is putrid enough to make you feel ill. If you have a dead rat filling your property with a nauseous stench, here are some dead rat odor eliminator tips you can try.

Dead Rat Odor Eliminator Solutions

The following everyday household items can help reduce the smell of a dead rat:

  1. Baking Soda

    Anyone who has ever had a foul-smelling food stench up their refrigerator knows that the king of odor removal is baking soda. This is because baking soda is excellent at neutralizing even the most horrid of smells. If the dead rat smell is contained to a certain area, just placing an open container of baking soda in the area can do wonders. You can also make a solution of baking soda and water to spray in larger areas.

  2. Bleach

    If you’re looking to eliminate horrid smells and clean a potentially infected area, bleach is your best friend. Bleach is excellent for eliminating foul-smelling bacteria, therefore both disinfecting any remnants of a dead rat in addition to removing the undesired smell. Your bleach mixture should consist of 10 parts water to one part bleach. Then, once you have that mixture, all you have to do is wipe down the area with it. Just be careful as to not get the mixture on any of your favorite clothes, as it may stain.

  3. Store-bought Cleaning Solutions

    If you don’t want to mess with bleach, you can even eliminate the odor by using your favorite store-bought cleaning solution. Just be sure to wear gloves while doing this because coming in close contact with the bacteria spread by a dead animal can be dangerous to your health and bad for your skin.

Rely on Wildlife Removal Experts to Eliminate Dead Rat Odors

Did you know that your local wildlife removal expert can do more than just remove pests? Most wildlife removal experts can actually provide you with odor removal services if the odor came from a dead animal, including dead rats. In fact, this is the best way to eliminate dead rat odors for good, as household cleaning items will only mask the smell for a short period of time. To return a fresh smell to your property, contact the dead rat odor eliminator experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers.

Eliminate Dead Rat Odor with Animal Wildlife Trappers

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we provide our customers with effective and permanent rat removal and dead rat odor eliminator services executed by our licensed and trained wildlife removal professionals. Our services are safe, thorough, efficient, and will offer lasting results. For more information on our dead rat odor eliminator services, schedule an appointment by calling 352-267-0546 and receive a free odor removal estimate today.

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