What Is Humane Raccoon Removal?

What Is Humane Raccoon Removal?

Raccoons are curious critters that can be a residential nuisance, especially if they frequently invade your trash cans for food. Unfortunately, the more raccoons visit your property, the more comfortable they get. Therefore, getting them off your property should be a priority; however, there are some humane raccoon removal methods you may want to try that will help evict raccoons without trapping or harming them.

3 Humane Raccoon Removal Tips

Here are a few humane ways to remove raccoons from your home or business.

  1. Use strong scents.


    Raccoons have a strong sense of smell to help them hunt for food. However, there are some scents that these creatures do not like. Cayenne, cinnamon, and black pepper are common raccoon-repelling spices that may already be in your cupboard. Just sprinkle these strong scents around your front yard, and they will overwhelm them. This deters raccoons from coming back to your yard.

  2. Try ammonia.


    Ammonia is another chemical that raccoons dislike. Raccoons mark their territory with urine, and the smell of ammonia may trick a raccoon into thinking another animal has already claimed your house. To use this method, soak some rags in ammonia and place them in your yard, garbage cans, or other spots the raccoons like to visit.

  3. Place mothballs in your attic.


    Mothballs are small balls covered in pesticides and deodorant that emit a strong smell. Placing a few of these in your attic will help to drive any invasive raccoons out. However, make sure to regularly replace them, because the smell of mothballs may eventually get overwhelming for you as well.

While the above humane raccoon removal tips can help deter a raccoon away from your home, once nested, an invasive raccoon will require more than a few strong smells to relocate. Instead of attempting semi-effective methods, contact the team of raccoon removal experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers to humanely get the raccoon out of your property.

Rely on Our Humane Raccoon Removal Experts

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, our licensed technicians have years of experience removing a wide variety of nuisance wildlife in Central Florida. All our methods are humane, eco-friendly, and prioritize the welfare of the invasive animal. To schedule an appointment and receive a free raccoon removal estimate, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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