What to Do if I Find a Rat in My Kitchen

If rats manage to chew their way into your kitchen, they can cause significant damage, contaminate your food supply, and spread dangerous diseases. Indeed, “There’s a rat in my kitchen!” is never something you want to say out loud. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to get rid of rodents if you find a rat in your kitchen.

How to Get Rid of Rats in My Kitchen

  1. Seal Gaps and Holes –Rats can get into homes through spaces and holes as narrow as the diameter of a coin. Check your property for such exposures, including gaps around pipes and drains. Once you find these entrances, block them off with wire wool, caulk, or wood covering.
  2. Keep Your Kitchen Clean –Lots of clutter and appliances around walls make for easy spots where rats can live and hide. The critters can hide for a long time if your kitchen is not tidy. Be sure to declutter often, and move objects away from walls regularly to check for rats. It’s also a good idea to keep your trash in a closed trash can, and frequently clean drains and pipes to flush out potential pests.
  3. Secure Food Sources –One of the reasons rats may live in your kitchen is because of available food. Minimize the amount of food sources in your kitchen for rats. Seal dry food tightly in containers with lids. Keep as little food out as possible, including fruits and vegetables. If there is a mess or spill, clean it up as soon as it happens. Trash should also be taken out regularly and stored in another spot, such as a garage or even outside.
  4. Call a Rat Removal Professional –While rat traps may seem like a good idea to take care of your rat problem, they may pose more risk than reward. Many types of at-home rat traps are inhumane and can be easily triggered, putting curious pets and children at risk. Instead of attempting DIY rat removal, it’s best to call an animal removal professional as soon as you notice signs of rat activity. A wildlife expert can help you safely and humanely take care of your invasive rat problem.

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For safe and effective rat removal services in Central Florida, rely on the professional animal removal experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers. Our licensed technicians provide high-quality animal removal services that ensure the nuisance wildlife is removed completely and permanently.

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