5 Most Common Attic Critters

5 Most Common Attic Critters

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Once you hear unusual noises in your attic, then there’s a chance an animal has already made this area its home. Before the situation gets any worse, you better get rid of these critters fast! Here’s a hint….they multiply! And the noise is just a small thing compared to the damage these critters can make on your property and the danger they can pose to your family.

There are numerous critters that can easily invade your attic, unless you use it as a living space. If it is left dark and untouched most of the time, be prepared to find an animal in attic spaces once you do decide to climb up there.

Commonly Found Nuisance Pests and Animals in Attic Spaces

Here are five common attic critters you should know about:

  1. Insects (Cockroaches, Spiders, Mosquitoes and Termites)

    Cockroaches will only invade your attic if you leave food in that area behind. But if one or two of them find their way to the attic, expect an entire family or even a generation of cockroaches taking over the space. If your attic is made of wood, termites will most likely love staying there as well. Mosquitoes love dark spaces, and if there is a water leak in your attic that you didn’t know about, mosquitoes can start breeding there too. Finally, spiders love it when they can spin their web without any interruptions. They’ll surely enjoy your attic too.

  2. Squirrels

    Squirrels like chewing a whole lot. It’s their nature because they have front teeth that continuously grow longer. If a squirrel chooses to take shelter in your attic, they can be quite dangerous as they can chew on wood and even electrical wiring. In fact, there are some reports of house fires caused by squirrels.

  3. Bats

    If there’s only one bat living in your attic, you probably won’t have a hard time driving it away. But since they create their own colonies, it wouldn’t be uncommon to have even more than 20 bats invading your attic all at once. The bat guano, their poop, is your biggest problem. Not only will it stink the space up, it can mark the beginning of mold and bacteria growth which can be dangerous.

  4. Rats and Mice

    They would probably run up and down your house to hunt for their food but end up in the attic or shelter. They can get noisy especially when they squeak at each other all night long. The worst is how they can share diseases with you, destroy your property and so much more.

  5. Raccoons

    If raccoons live in your area, it wouldn’t be uncommon if you find one in your attic. You would notice them immediately because they’re large, strong and noisy. These raccoons can’t keep silent, especially at night so they can’t really hide from you. And yes, they won’t only steal your food, they’d use your attic as their litter box, urinate on your ceiling and worse, destroy your property.

Rely on Your Local Animal in Attic Removal Experts

If you think you might have an animal in attic, call the experienced professionals at Animal Wildlife Trappers in Orlando. Our team of licensed and trained professionals have years of experience in thorough insect, bat, squirrel, raccoon, and rat removal services. We will quickly, efficiently, and permanently remove nuisance critters and unwanted pests from your home or commercial building. Call us today at 352-267-0546 to schedule an inspection and receive a free wildlife removal estimate.

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