7 Reasons Critters Choose Your Home

Squirrel Removal Service OrlandoA critter is a living creature. It is an animal of any kind. This time, however, we’re defining it as an animal you don’t want to have as a pet. These critters are the ones you’d rather keep out. Most of the time you’d even consider them as pests.

But why do these critters like your home so much? There are so many houses in your neighborhood, but why would they always pick your house? Let’s take a quick look at (7) reasons why the friendly, neighborhood critters might choose your home!

There could be many reasons, and here are just a few of them:

  1. You always have food lying around.

Because no one considers them as pets, no one will feed them. And these critters get hungry. If you left food lying around inside or outside your house, then they would be attracted to it. It’s their nature, of course. If you don’t want critters in your house, then better keep your food and leftovers where they can’t find them.

  1. You don’t spend time cleaning your home regularly.

So you already kept the food and the leftovers, but the critters are still around. Perhaps you don’t spend time cleaning your house. Don’t wait ’til spring or that once-a-year general cleaning day that you schedule only when you feel like it. There might be something hiding under the couch or right on your patio that these critters can feed on.

  1. There are no pets to keep them away.

Not all households are too welcoming of pets, and that’s quite understandable. Pet ownership is optional and you shouldn’t be forced into it just to keep critters away. But ask anyone who has a dog or a cat inside the house if they still have roaches or rats around and the answer would probably be no. Cats are especially adept at rat control and rat removal!

  1. There are holes, cracks and other tiny spaces where they can enter.

These critters don’t need doors or open windows to enter your home. All they need are tiny little holes or cracks where they would fit. It would be best if you check on walls, screens, ceilings and other areas in your home where they could have entered. Seal these holes or fix them right away. And if you have a major problem with critters it would be recommended to call a professional critter control company to perform an entire seal of your home.

  1. There are areas kept dark or have very poor lighting.

Some critters, like rats and roaches, like dark or poorly lighted spaces mainly because it’s a great place to hide. While you probably don’t want to waste expensive electricity to light up your home at all times, a great solution to this is by lighting natural sunlight in. Use light curtains in the attic instead of dark ones. Open the windows when you can.

  1. Your home has one or a few empty rooms.

Rooms that are not occupied by humans are also considered a great habitat by critters. If you have one in your home, especially if you have an attic, make it a habit to check on those areas every now and then, keep them clean and well lighted, if possible.

  1. You don’t drive them away.

Lastly, these critters choose to stay in your home simply because you let them. You don’t drive them away. You might wait days or weeks to finally call pest control to get rid of those squeaking mice that are starting to breed in your attic. Truth be told, the best way for these critters to finally stop choosing your home is by getting rid of them! Word will spread around in the little critter community that they are not welcome in your home, and most probably, you won’t see a lot of them anymore.

If you have questions about critters in your home, call Animal Wildlife Trappers at 352-267-0546.

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