Can You Get Fined for Disturbing Bats?

Can You Get Fined for Disturbing Bats?

While bats commonly roost in caves and trees, the nocturnal mammals will regularly infest the attics and outdoor structures of Central Florida properties. Unfortunately, the nuisance wildlife are not the easiest pests to get off your property. This is due to the various laws in place that protect certain bat species as endangered animals. Here are some of the penalties and legal ramifications you could face if you attempt unlawful bat removal.

Florida Bat Protection Laws During Mating Season 

There are several Florida state laws in place protecting the lives of bats in order to preserve and grow its population, which is a top priority as bats are important to the ecosystem.

The summer months, specifically mid-April to mid-August, is mating season for bats. During this time it is illegal to remove bats from your property. If bats are roosting on your property during mating season, you will have to wait to initiate bat removal.

How You Could Get a Fine for Disturbing Bats

Florida is home to 13 species of bats and three of them are also federally endangered- the Gray, Indiana, and Florida bonneted bat. Killing any endangered species of bats is always illegal, no matter the circumstances.

There is also a rule protecting bats against the use of pesticides or poisons with the intent of harming, killing, or deterring them. If you attempt to remove bats on your own and accidentally kill them, it may cost you thousands of dollars in fines that you could have otherwise saved by relying on a professional bat removal service to do the job.

Therefore, it is recommended to call bat removal professionals to first identify the species of bats on your property, and then take next steps to legally exclude all bats from your property.

Professional Bat Removal Services Near You

If nuisance bats are roosting on your property, avoid getting a fine for disturbing bats by relying on the effective and humane bat removal services provided by the wildlife experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers.

The equipped and experienced animal removal professionals at Animal Wildlife Trapper are licensed and trained to provide Central Florida residents with high-quality bat removal services that ensure the nuisance pests are removed safely and permanently.

To schedule an appointment and receive a free bat removal estimate, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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