DIY Critter Prevention

DIY Critter Prevention Orlando

Wild animals do not belong in homes, offices, and other places where humans are. They are called wild because they belong in the wild. It would be difficult to control them and many of them are very dangerous. When there’s a wild animal in your property, seek professional assistance right away. There are also steps you can take to avoid being in a situation where you have to deal with these wild animals. Read on to learn more about DIY critter prevention so you can keep these animals away from your property.

Handling, capturing, and removing wild animals is a job for professionals. To avoid further damage to property and injury, call an animal removal company to assist you when you see or suspect a wild animal in your property. Though some jobs like rat removal or raccoon removal may seem simple, effective removal can be a huge and sometimes dangerous challenge. By hiring experts, you need not worry about handling these animals on your own.

A licensed animal removal contractor may also help you out with animal prevention; however, it is understandable that some people prefer DIY critter prevention to save a few dollars. There are some simple steps you can take so you can prevent these critters from coming into your property:

Clean up and organize – Most critters wouldn’t stay outside in the open so if your home is clean and organized, it would be hard for them to look for places to hide. Don’t leave leftovers lying around and garbage cans should always be sealed and tightly shut. Wild animals are always on the hunt for food and water so if you leave nothing for them to eat, then they would have no reason to stay in your property.

Seal possible entry points – This is a little more difficult compared to other steps but you can always ask your animal removal contractor to help with entry point sealing. Holes on window and door screens, walls, ceiling, broken pipes, vents, and more must be sealed properly so that critters cannot enter your home.

Critter repellents – Repellents do not work on all critters; however, birds, for instance, among other animals would stay away from your property when bird repellent is applied on your roof and fences.

If DIY critter prevention won’t work, ask help from Animal Wildlife Trappers to help you out with effective animal prevention methods. We are available in Orlando, Maitland, Lake Mary, Apopka, Clermont, and surrounding areas. Just call 352-267-0546 to get a free estimate.

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