How Do I Get Rid of Rats Permanently?

How Do I Get Rid of Rats Permanently?


Rats are often drawn to homes or businesses because they provide a safe, warm environment with plenty of access to food and water. Once inside, the large rodents can cause a lot of harm in a little bit of time, damaging and contaminating your property and putting you and your loved ones at risk for disease. To permanently get rid of rats that have invaded your property, follow these helpful rat removal tips.

4 DIY Rat Removal Tips

  1. Declutter your property,

    Rats love hiding in cluttered spaces, so pick up any messy areas and keep them organized. Move any bins or large objects away from the walls so rats don’t have any concealed areas to hide in.

  2. Seal gaps.

    Rats can squeeze through a space as narrow as a dime. Exterior gaps and holes in your home’s foundation provide the pests with an easy way inside. Damaged drain pipes are another vulnerable point that rats can exploit. Inspect your home regularly for property damage. Seal cracks or gaps with wire wool or caulk so it’s hard for rats to chew through.

  3. Keep your yard trimmed.

    Rats can often get close to your property by hiding in tall grass or bushes near your home. They also can climb up trees and jump from branches that hang over your roof. Keep your lawn cut short, and trim any shrubs, bushes, or tree limbs that could provide rats access to your home.

  4. Eliminate food sources.

    Your home’s abundant food sources will draw rats in your home. To keep rats away, tightly seal your garbage cans and consider storing them inside. Put birdseed and pet food in sealed containers instead of leaving them in the bag. Bring pet food bowls inside at night, and frequently sweep and vacuum up crumbs after meals.

While these tips may help get rid of a few rats, a larger infestation will require the expertise of rat removal professionals.

Call Animal Wildlife Trappers to Get Rid of Rats Permanently

The most effective way to get rid of rats permanently is to call the rat removal control experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers. Our team of licensed and trained wildlife professionals have the resources and knowledge to take care of your rat problem for good.

To schedule an appointment and receive a free rat removal estimate, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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