How to Prevent Rats in Your Backyard

How to Prevent Rats in Your Backyard


Dealing with a rat infestation in your home or on your property can be a huge inconvenience. When rats infest, they can cause a number of issues that can quickly spiral out of control. Unfortunately, rat infestations can have many different causes, so it is essential to make yourself aware of your property’s risk factors. Here are some ways to prevent rats from taking over your backyard.

Tips to Prevent Rats from Invading

Rats tend to invade backyards for the following reasons:

  1. Safeguard your garden.

    Certain produce, such as oranges, avocados, peaches, lemons, figs, walnuts, and almonds, will lure rats to your yard. By fencing in your garden or getting rid of any fallen fruits and nuts, you can avoid attracting wandering rats.

  2. Remove food sources.

    Rats are drawn to specific smells that can come from trash, pet food, grills, or birdfeeders. Routinely cleaning and sanitizing your property, especially in areas where leftover food exists, is important to prevent rats from invading.

  3. Keep your yard tidy.

    Overgrown areas in your yard can give rats a place to live. To help with rat infestation prevention, make sure to keep bushes trimmed, remove piles of wood and shrubs, and keep storage units sealed.

  4. Plug any leaky drips.

    Accessible water sources and standing water can also attract rats. Areas such as swimming pools, irrigation lines, bird baths, and leaky faucets should all be monitored for nuisance rats.

Once they’ve entered your yard, rats will seek to invade the warmer areas of your home such as the attic, garage, or kitchen. Routinely checking these areas can help you prevent a full-blown infestation. Look out for specific signs of rat activity like shredded insulation, fecal droppings, chewed electrical wires, grease stains, and rat tracks.

Dangers of Rat Infestations

The removal of any rats from your property is essential to maintain a safe environment. Not only are rats extremely invasive, but they carry many diseases, can destroy your wiring, plumbing system, and air ducts, and can threaten the lives of your pets. Once a rat problem has been spotted, it is important to take action immediately by contacting rat removal experts.

Effective Rat Prevention and Removal in Central Florida

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, our trained professionals will prevent rats and rodents using safe and non-toxic methods. Our effective removal process includes a complete interior and exterior inspection to locate all rat nests, decontaminate any damage created by the rats, and identify and seal openings where rats could enter to permanently prevent future infestations from occurring. If you are dealing with a rat infestation in the Central Florida area, call us today at 352-267-0546 to schedule an appointment and receive a free rat removal estimate.

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