How to Get Rid of a Dead Rodent In My Wall

How to Get Rid of a Dead Rodent In My Wall

The only thing worse than a rodent in your house is a dead rodent in your house. While a dead rodent will no longer cause the havoc and damage of a living one, a dead rodent in wall can engulf your home with a putrid, nauseating stench that is just as undesirable, if not more, than the idea of a live rodent crawling throughout your residence. You will absolutely want to get rid of the dead rodent smell as soon as possible. Unfortunately, dead rodents can be exceptionally difficult to locate and remove from your walls.

If you suspect you have a dead rodent in wall spaces within your home, here is what you can do to eliminate its foul odor.

Finding and Removing a Dead Rodent In Wall

Removing a dead rodent from your wall usually requires cutting a hole in the wall. To avoid cutting multiple holes in your walls, you will need to identify exactly where the smell is coming from. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of a dead rodent in your wall. Likely, the only resource you will have to aid you in such a disgusting quest is your personal sense of smell. However, even if the dead rodent smell is strong, it might not help you locate its precise location because the smell can, and will, spread.

To avoid causing more damage to your home than necessary, consider other options like waiting for the animal to decompose on its own.

Decomposing Rodent Odor Elimination Services

The decomposition process typically takes around two weeks, but the smell will become extremely overwhelming in the meantime.

Instead of waiting for nature to run its course, call a wildlife removal service to locate and remove the dead rodent in your wall as well as any other living rodents that are likely hiding elsewhere in your home. Some wildlife removal companies also provide services to eliminate the smell of a decomposing rodent that is stuck on your property.

The professionals at Animal Wildlife Trappers not only offer expert rodent removal services but can also completely eliminate dead rodent smells with their odor eliminator services.

Eliminate Dead Rodent Odors with Animal Wildlife Trappers

If you want to reduce the smell of a dead rodent in your home as fast as possible, enlist the dead rodent odor eliminator services provided by the experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers.

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we offer wildlife odor treatment services that will quickly, efficiently, and permanently remove the smell of a dead rodent in your home. We are also equipped to eliminate the presence of any remaining live pests and reinforce your property to prevent them from returning.

For more information on our rodent removal and dead rodent odor eliminating services, call Animal Wildlife Trappers today at 352-267-0546.

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