Can Smoke Bombs Get Rid of Rodents In The Attic?

Can Smoke Bombs Get Rid of Rodents In The Attic?

Because rodents are known to chew through cardboard, wood, and electrical wires, they should be dealt with immediately once the signs of their infestation are discovered in your attic. Unfortunately, many property owners panic at the sight of rodents, particularly rats, and for good reason; the pests can carry infectious diseases and quickly spread their contamination throughout a home or office. Often, homeowners are tempted to try different DIY methods to remove them. One such method is the use of smoke bombs.

Here is what you need to know about using smoke bombs for rodents in attic spaces and if they are an effective solution.

What Are Smoke Bombs?

Smoke bombs for rats, mice, and other rodents like moles and squirrels are chemically soaked rodent repellants that produce a large plume of poisonous smoke when lit. Typically, smoke bombs are used outside in spaces where rodents burrow to force them out and find somewhere else to live.

By placing a smoke bomb in your rodent-infested attic, the toxic smoke can help vacate the space by causing the rodents to run away. Rodents are less likely to die due to this method in comparison to using rodent poison; however, when placed in tightly enclosed crawl spaces, walls, or burrows, the fumes will suffocate any pests that cannot escape.

While smoke bombs are promoted as a convenient and humane way of encouraging rodents to relocate, they can also present a different danger to your residence. For instance, using smoke bombs for rodents in attic spaces can give the impression of a potential house fire and cause a panic. Furthermore, the smoke emitted can be toxic to humans and pets if deeply or prolongly inhaled.For these reasons, smoke bombs are not recommended for indoor or attic use.

How Effective Are Smoke Bombs for Rodents in Attic?

Using smoke bombs for rodents in attic spaces is only effective for a short period of time. While the effect of the smoke bomb will force the rodents to leave their home temporarily, there is little stopping them from returning once the smoke has cleared. Before you make the trip to the store to buy smoke bombs, you may want to explore other safer and more effective rodent removal methods for you and your home.

Your Licensed Rodent Removal Specialists

For a more permanent rodent removal solution, contact the rodent removal experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers. Our experienced and equipped rodent removal professionals will inspect your attic to determine the size of the infestation, discover how the rodents got inside, and plan a safe and controlled approach to permanently remove all rodents from your Central Florida property.

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, all of our rodent removal specialists are licensed, trained, and prepared to conduct an effective rodent removal service in a timely and affordable manner. To schedule an appointment and receive your free rodent removal estimate, call Animal Wildlife Trappers today at 352-267-0546.

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