How To Protect Your Home From Wild Animals While You Are Away

Before departing on your long-awaited vacation away from the stressful obligations at home, it is important that you secure your soon-to-be-vacant household from any possible threats. Protection does not only consist of burglar-proofing your home, as humans are not the only intruders that could enter your property. Within Florida’s diverse wildlife, there are many animals infamous for invading homes, especially when they are unoccupied and vulnerable. As you prepare to leave your home unattended, consider these measures to protect your home from wild animals while you are away.

Secure Your Home from Wild Animals With These 4 Tips

  1. Keep your garbage out of reach. Wildlife wandering around your neighborhood are likely searching for food and water, so your unprotected trash is their treasure. An opened or easily toppled garbage can is the perfect invitation for scavengers like opossums and raccoons, and they will quickly register your home as a point of return. To come back to a critter-free household, it is important that you secure your garbage cans before leaving. Storing your bins inside your garage is a simple solution. Otherwise, you can place a heavy object on top of the lid or simply tie a strong knot so wild animals cannot knock over your trash.

  2. Remove other traces of food and water. Your garbage bins might not be the only source of nutrition in your yard that could attract roaming wildlife. If you feed pets outside, keep a birdbath, or have a healthy outdoor garden full of produce, remember to safeguard, remove, or cover such items before leaving your property.

  3. Clean and enclose your lawn. Yards are the most common entry point for wildlife, so protecting this area is essential to avoiding critter invasions. First, check your yard’s fence for holes or cracks that wildlife could enter through. If your lawn is open, consider enclosing the perimeter. Cleaning your yard is also essential to avoid intrusions.
  4. Cover all potential access points. After securing your yard, check for similar entry points around your house. Cover any holes and cracks in your walls and protect the possible gaps in your vents and windows. Wild animals frequently invade homes through chimneys, so capping or closing them when not in use is important.

Your Professional Wildlife Removal Team

Even after performing these precautions, Florida’s natural wildlife can still find clever ways to invade your home. If you find any wild animals in or near your home upon your return, it is crucial that you reach out for professional help immediately.

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, our licensed team has permanently secured Florida residences from wild animal invasions for decades. Our certified and eco-friendly removal services include a three-year guarantee and 24/7 specialist assistance for all your needs. To get a free wildlife removal quote for your property, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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