How Do You Remove a Gopher From Under Your Shed?

How Do You Remove a Gopher From Under Your Shed?

Gophers are large, round, rodents that are known for burrowing winding, underground tunnels that commonly disrupt and destroy yards and gardens. Often, the pests will burrow under the porches and sheds of residential homes to build their dens beneath the protective cover of the shelter. This allows them to reside out of reach of potential predators like birds of prey and domestic pets.

While some consider the creatures cute and harmless, they can actually cause quite a bit of damage to your property and potentially compromise the foundation of your structure. If you have noticed gopher holes or tunnel lines running towards the shed on your property, here is what you can do to remove gopher under shed.

Create Vibrations

Gophers rely on their sense of hearing to navigate the dark underground surroundings; therefore, their ears are very sensitive to loud vibrations and noises. You can deter gophers away from under your shed by creating disturbing soundwaves. Try placing a speaker face-down outside your shed and blasting loud music into the earth. If that’s too loud, invest in wind chimes or ultrasonic devices to create gopher-repelling vibrations in the ground that will, hopefully, drive the pests away.

Try Ammonia

Another known method for deterring gophers is pouring ammonia down gopher holes. Ammonia is a colorless gas with a distinct smell that is usually mixed with water to create a cleaning solution. This method is quite inexpensive and easy to try because all you have to do is purchase a cleaning solution with ammonia in it.

That said, this method is not 100% effective at removing gophers and trying it will require digging or crawling under your shed to access the gopher holes. Not only is this tricky, but it can also be dangerous if you lack the proper agility and safety tools to get the job done. Therefore, instead of hurting yourself or further compromising your shed’s integrity, consider contacting gopher removal experts to quickly and effectively remove the gophers under your shed.

Call Animal Wildlife Trappers to Remove Gopher Under Shed

Ultimately, the best and most humane way to remove a gopher under shed is to rely on the trusted gopher removal services provided by the experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers.

Our licensed and trained gopher removal professionals are experienced and equipped to provide you with an affordable and efficient gopher removal service that will offer long-lasting results.

To schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate for our gopher removal services, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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