What Are Animal Removal Services?

When wild animals wander into residential or commercial properties looking for food, water, or shelter from predators, they rarely leave. Instead, invasive wildlife will establish a nest, breed, and cause damage throughout the property as they search for food to contaminate. While some home and business owners who experience such infestations may be tempted to deal with the pests on their own, the best way to solve a wild animal problem is to hire professional animal removal services.

The Efficiency of Animal Removal Services

The most efficient way to resolve an infestation, animal removal services involves strategic trap and release methods that are carried out by licensed and trained wildlife technicians to safely relocate unwanted pests off of your property and to a more appropriate location. Animal removal professionals have the proper tools and experience needed to achieve a complete and humane removal; however, the same cannot be guaranteed if you try to conduct an animal removal on your own.

The Importance of Animal Removal Services

Animal removals attempted without the help and expertise of a wildlife technician are much more likely to result in the spread of disease and increased damages to your property. Not just that, but DIY wildlife removal is often more expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective. This is why it is so important and in your best interest to schedule a professional animal removal service as soon as you see, hear, or encounter a wild animal on your property.

8 Common Pests in Central Florida

The wild animals that most commonly require animal removal services in Central Florida homes and businesses include:

  1. Armadillos
  2. Bats
  3. Mice
  4. Opossums
  5. Raccoons
  6. Rats
  7. Gophers
  8. Squirrels

Local Animal Removal Service Professionals

If you’re facing an infestation issue on your Central Florida property, do not hesitate to call the professional wildlife technicians at Animal Wildlife Trappers.

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, our wildlife removal experts understand that successful animal removal services require professional care and knowledge of each invasive species in order to customize a removal plan that effectively expels your specific nuisance animal. Not only do we guarantee the best results, but we are also dedicated to performing humane removal services that protect your property and the animal being removed.

For more information on our animal removal services or to receive a free wildlife removal estimate, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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