What Can I Do to Keep Rats and Mice Away?

What Can I Do to Keep Rats and Mice Away?

From the diseases they carry to the damage that they almost certainly will cause to your home, there are plenty of reasons why one would want to keep rats and mice far away from their property. That being said, not many know how to go about doing that. Here are some effective tips to keep rats and mice away from your home or business.

4 Tips to Keep Rats and Mice Away

  1. Inspect Your Home Regularly

    One important step in preventing a rodent infestation is inspecting your home regularly, but what exactly are you looking for when you do this? Well, when inspecting your home, you should look around the exterior of your home for holes, cracks, gaps that a rodent could potentially use to access your home. Then, if you find any, seal them with rodent-proof materials like wire mesh or steel wool. While rodent teeth are sharp and can chew through most materials, sealing any gaps found around your home will, at the very least, delay the entry of rodents.

  2. Remove Potential Hiding Places

    If rodents are on your property, it is probably because they feel safe there. Rodents generally like properties with lots of overgrown foliage, like bushes and trees, as they use such foliage to hide from predators. So, one way to make your property less desirable to rats is by keeping the trees and bushes of your backyard clean and trimmed. If you have piles of wood laying around in your backyard as well, you will probably want to remove them or place them in a more elevated spot.

  3. Weaponize Chili Powder

    If you’re looking for a home remedy to repel rats, some homeowners have found success spreading chili powder in problem areas. Yes, this is the same chili powder that you may have in your kitchen pantry. Chili powder is known to irritate the senses of rats and can be helpful at naturally repelling the pests. By sprinkling some regularly in problem areas, you can help keep rodents off of your property.

  4. Enlist the Help of Rodent Removal Experts

    At the end of the day, the most effective way to ensure permanent rodent prevention is to rely on professional rodent removal services. If you want to keep rats and mice away for good, rely on the experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers.

Keep Rats and Mice Away with Animal Wildlife Trappers

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality, and permanent rodent prevention and removal services. All of our services are conducted by licensed and trained professionals who are experienced and equipped in providing home and business owners with the rodent removal solution that is right for their property.

For more information on how we can keep rats and mice away from your property or to schedule an appointment with one of our rodent removal technicians and receive a free estimate for our services, contact Animal Wildlife Trappers today at 352-267-0546.

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