6 Ways to Keep Rats Away from Your Home

6 Ways to Keep Rats Away from Your Home

Rat RemovalRats are one of the most common pests found all over the world. While there’s plenty of space for the rodents to live in forests, underground tunnels, landfills, and other areas not usually inhabited by humans, the wise little rats still choose to infest residential homes and commercial businesses because, of course, where there are humans, there must be food.

The best way for you to keep rats away from your home is by keeping in mind the following six rat removal tips.

Rat Removal Tips to Keep Rats Away

  1. Clean as you go.

    Rats have nothing to do in tidy homes. They won’t find the food they want and probably won’t have any space to hide. To deter rats, don’t leave your dirty laundry lying on the floor or trash lying underneath tables or inside cabinets. Be sure to schedule general cleaning sessions on a weekly basis and clean as you go on a daily basis.

  2. Don’t leave leftover food uncovered.

    Rats won’t hang around if there’s no food for them to munch on. Rats have a highly sensitive sense of smell. They would find their way to your food. If you have leftovers, refrigerate them right away, cover them, or keep them in a sealed container.

  3. Always bring your trash outside before bedtime.

    Your garbage doesn’t belong inside your home. But of course, it would be difficult if you have to throw trash out every time you need to within the day. But since rats m
    ostly come out at night when your family is asleep, then it’s best to bring all your trash out right after dinner before you go to bed. This way, rats won’t have to look for their food inside your trash cans.

  4. Seal cracks and holes around the house.

    Rats won’t be able to get inside your home if there’s no point of entry. While it’s highly unlikely for them to enter through the front door the same time you would, they would find their way through cracks and holes around your home. Do a thorough check throughout your house and make sure you seal those cracks and holes tightly.
    Rat Removal

  5. Welcome new pets in your family.

    Truly tried and tested, ask any pet owner who has dogs or cats inside their home if they have rat problems, they probably would tell you they don’t. Of course, your pets would protect you and your family from these pests so you can rely on them to be one of the best solutions to your rat problem.

  6. Hire a professional rat removal service.

    If you see rats around your home, there are plenty of ways to trap them or kill them. However, if you have no experience in handling rats, how would you get rid of them once you trap them? Remember, rats carry diseases and one bite may cause infections such as leptospirosis.

Furthermore, when dealing with methods that involve rat poison, the poisoned rat typically ends up dying behind walls or above ceilings, leaving a foul smell to spread all over the house. Even worse, curious pets can get poisoned too if they ingest poisoned bait.

Therefore, it is always best to call a rat removal expert to handle invasive rats instead of attempting to deal with them on your own.

If you are dealing with a rat infestation, trust the experienced professionals at Animal Wildlife Trappers. Aside from getting rid of unwanted rats, our trained and certified rat removal experts will eliminate any messes and odors the pests left behind and install safeguards to prevent nuisance rats from coming back.

Rely on Central Florida’s Rat Removal Professionals

Animal Wildlife Trappers offer safe and effective rat removal services across Central Florida including neighborhoods and business districts around Lake County, Orange County, Seminole County, and more. Call us today at 352-267-0546 for a free quote and to schedule an appointment with our team of rat removal experts.

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