What Is the Difference Between a Gopher and a Groundhog

Gophers and groundhogs are often mistaken for one another—and the confusion is understandable. Both are brown-furred rodents that love burrowing, and both live in some of the same areas of the country. While it’s easy to think there isn’t much of a difference between the animals, gophers and groundhogs are actually from two different rodent families.

If you notice mounds, holes, and strange activity in your yard, it’s important to understand their differences to combat their infestation and determine if you’ll be needing professional groundhog or gopher removal.

3 Ways to Tell a Gopher from a Groundhog

Most homeowners only have a casual familiarity with gophers and groundhogs from popular films like Caddyshack and Groundhog’s Day. However, aside from Bill Murray movies, there are actually several ways to tell these two critters apart:

  1. Size – Gophers are much, much smaller than groundhogs. The difference in weight is quite a lot, with gophers averaging around 2 pounds while groundhogs can weigh in closer to 13 pounds.
  2. Eating habits – Gophers love roots and tubers (vegetables like potatoes and yams), but groundhogs prefer leafy vegetation and fruits.
  3. How often you see them – Since gophers love root vegetables and tubers, the majority of their time is spent underground creating hundred-foot-long tunnels. Because groundhogs prefer leaves and above-ground fruits and vegetables, you’re more inclined to catch them traipsing through your garden.

Common Groundhog and Gopher Damage

Not only can these burrowing pests damage your garden vegetation, but their destructive digging can damage your lawn equipment, create hazards for you to trip over, and lead to an unsightly yard riddled with holes and mounds.

If you want a fighting chance at maintaining a beautiful and functioning property, call the expert groundhog and gopher removal team at Animal Wildlife Trappers. With quick and humane methods, we’ll get those gophers and groundhogs gone for good.

Fast and Efficient Groundhogs and Gopher Removal

If your Central Florida yard has become overrun with invasive wildlife such as gophers, then you should rely on the professional animal removal services offered by the experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers. Our experienced wildlife professionals can guarantee fast and efficient gopher removal services. We also take a humane wildlife approach when removing animals from commercial and residential properties, placing a high priority on their welfare. For a free wildlife removal estimate, call us today at 352-267-0546.

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