What Should I Do if I’m Hearing Rats in the Walls?

What Should I Do if I'm Hearing Rats in the Walls?

If scratching and squeaking sounds are emanating from your walls and keeping you up at night, then you likely have rats living in your home. Oftentimes, rats or other rodents will become stuck in your wall which will only increase their unrelenting squeals. Here are some ways to identify the disturbing sounds you are hearing and tips for dealing with rats in your walls.

Common Rat Noises

Common rat-produced sounds include:

  • Scurrying

    If you hear scurrying, then the rat can move around and is not necessarily stuck. However, it could still be trapped in your wall.

  • Hissing

    Rats will make a hissing sound when scared or in danger, such as being stuck in a wall.

  • Chirps and squeaks

    Rats communicate using chirps and squeaks. Such sounds can indicate that there is more than one rat present, which should be taken as a sign of a larger rat infestation.

  • Scratching and gnawing

    These sounds signal that the rats are eating. Presuming that there is no food behind your walls, this probably means that they are chewing away at drywall, wires, and important infrastructure in their attempt to escape.

What to Do with a Dead Rodent in Wall

When you begin hearing rodents in your walls, it usually means they are stuck there. Unfortunately, a stuck rodent in your wall will soon become a dead rodent in your wall.

If you don’t act fast, a dead rodent in wall spaces or crawl spaces will start decomposing and produce  terrible odors that spread throughout your property. Furthermore, a rotting rodent carcass will seep contamination into your drywall and floorboards that will be expensive to clean and remove. Therefore, it is vital that you act quickly by calling a rodent removal specialist as soon as you think you hear rats or other rodents in your walls.

Dead Rodent Odor Removal Experts Near You

Hearing a rat or smelling a dead rodent in wall spaces can be unnerving. Fortunately, the rat and rodent removal experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers are equipped to handle both.

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, our rodent removal experts will inspect your property to locate the source of the rodent noises and remove any trapped rats stuck inside your wall before they starve or suffocate to death. If there are dead rodents in your walls that are causing smells to engulf your property, then we can provide effective and permanent dead rodent odor eliminator services to alleviate your home from the stench of a dead rodent.

To schedule an appointment for our rodent removal or rodent odor elimination services, call Animal Wildlife Trappers today at 352-267-0546.

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