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Although most of us rarely enter our homes’ attics and primarily use this area as storage or insulation space, we still know that it is an important part of our home. Since the attic is directly above our heads and right below the roof, it is essential to keep it clean and structurally durable for safety’s sake. When a critter or several wild animals invade this space, animal removal services must be called. Attic sanitation is absolutely necessary after they have been captured.

Many wild animals understand that they belong in the wild. However, because of harsh weather conditions or lack of food and shelter, some of them wander to places where humans reside. There’s almost always a guarantee for them that there’s food where humans are. Of course, these animals would look for areas where they feel they are safe. Critters are commonly found in garages, sheds, crawlspaces, vents, and attics.

Call for professional assistance when you suspect a critter hiding in your property. Some critters are friendly and generally harmless. Some may cause problems like injuries and damage to property when they feel threatened. When these critters leave, it becomes your responsibility to clean up after them. One of those critical jobs is attic sanitation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sanitizing your Attic

While it traps heat for your home, attic insulation also makes the perfect nest for unwanted wildlife. Attic sanitation in Orlando is a serious consideration if your attic has been invaded by any wild animal. Animals leave behind feces and disease, and some of these contaminants can become airborne over time. So since most homeowners consider their home their castle, it makes sense to keep things sterile. Even though it is in your attic, if you know the potential for materials becoming airborne that have been left by wild animals, it makes sense to make the investment for your family’s peace of mind.

It could be just a couple of days but if these critters left droppings and urine behind, you must clean up. Attic sanitation is a tedious but very important process. Without properly cleaning up, your attic area can get damaged over time.

Cleaning up the attic is not as simple as taking a broom and mop to sweep and wipe off visible dirt. Truth be told, it is risky to handle animal droppings and urine as they may have viruses and diseases attached to them. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC shared some steps attic sanitation steps when cleaning up after rodents.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner or broom when removing urine or droppings. Follow the steps as recommended by CDC below:

  1. Clear the entire area: This is not an easy task especially if you use your attic as storage space. However, you have to make sure that no corner or spot is left uncleaned.
  2. Clean or dispose of dirty items: If you see droppings or urine spots on furniture or other items in your attic, you can attempt to clean them. However, if they are not valuable to you anymore, just dispose of them instead.
  3. Use gloves and proper clothing: It may be extremely warm up in the attic but you have to wear pants, a long-sleeved top, and gloves. Wear a face mask too. Do everything you can to make sure your skin won’t touch the animal waste.
  4. Hire attic sanitation experts: Sure, you can clean up your attic on your own, but are you sure it is clean enough? Hire a licensed contractor instead to help you out.

The process doesn’t stop there. You have to clean and disinfect the entire attic area. Spaces that might have been exposed to these critters could have also been contaminated. Wipe off countertops and thoroughly mop the floors. Make sure you clean up other furniture in the attic as well.

Wash your hands and arms very well using soap and water. You may still be carrying contaminants from the urine and droppings you just cleaned up.

Professional Animal Removal Contractor in Orlando, FL

Most homeowners use their attic as a storage space. With all the work that needs to be done in the household, cleaning the attic is not always a top priority. Truth be told, many Florida property owners had to deal with rat infestations or other critters like bats, raccoons, and more that make the attic their shelter. Because of this, many think twice about even going to their attic until it’s too late. These critters can damage insulation, leave droppings and smelly urine, and spread germs and other harmful bacteria all around the attic. The best solution is to call for attic sanitation services.

When you leave your attic dirty especially after a critter infestation, you are putting your family’s safety at risk. Furthermore, this area can suffer further damage when it remains filthy. This could result in expensive repairs and restoration. When you find signs of animal presence in your attic, call for animal removal services right away. It would be best to ask the animal removal contractor for attic sanitation service too.

Of course, there are always DIY ways to clean and sanitize your attic. You can find cleaning materials that you can use to do this on your own. However, it is highly recommended for you to leave the job to experts so your attic can be thoroughly cleaned. More importantly, a filthy attic can be a risk to your own health and safety too. You can easily eliminate this risk by getting professionals to help you out.

Animal Wildlife Trappers has a team of attic sanitation experts in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. Aside from cleaning up your attic thoroughly, we can also help with animal damage repairs and entry point sealing to prevent future critter invasion.

Furthermore, should there be any dead animals left behind that are discovered during the attic sanitation process, our staff can help you out in removing them, cleaning up after them, and disinfecting the area through our dead animal removal Orlando service.

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we can give you the assurance that our attic sanitation Orlando method is done with your safety in mind. Over the years, we have provided topnotch animal removal services in Orlando to countless residential and commercial clients. We keep our workmanship excellent and our prices honest and fair. We are available in Orlando, Sanford, Longwood, Clermont, Deltona, and surrounding areas.

Call us at 352-267-0546 to set an appointment and to get a free quote!

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