Cost of Attic Animal Removal

Bat Removal OrlandoSometimes, even when we try our best to keep doors and windows secure, critters still find their way to the attic. When this happens, attic animal removal assistance may be necessary. Some animals can be simply shooed or driven away; however, in many other cases, professional help would be best. Because animals in the attic are such a common occurrence in Florida, many homeowners wonder about its cost.

There are several factors when it comes to the pricing of animal removal. It is best to have a go-to licensed contractor who can guarantee a safe and proper job and can offer honest prices. Among those factors that affect animal removal cost are the following:

Location – The attic is usually a large space where you may have several possessions stored, insulation installed, vents and pipes coming from your HVAC system, and more. It’s easy when the critter is already in plain sight, but the job gets more complicated when they’re hiding in tight and hard to reach spaces.

Type of Animal – The cost also varies on the type of animal the contractor has to deal with. The number of critters in the location is also a huge factor. Of course, getting rid of one or a couple of bats will cost less compared to an entire colony of bats.

Animal Condition – Another major factor is the condition of the critter in your attic. Some may be healthy and friendly while others can be aggressive and rabid. In some cases, you may be looking for a dead rat that’s hidden beneath the attic floor or walls.

To keep animal removal cost to the minimum, it is best to deal with a critter problem the moment you find out about it. Don’t wait until that supposedly harmless raccoon gives birth to her babies in your attic or a rat to invite some of his friends along. When these critters start damaging parts of your attic, you can end up not only with an animal removal service bill but also a hefty attic repair bill.

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we offer fair and reasonable prices for animal removal at all times. More importantly, we make sure that we’re sending experts to your property to find solutions to your critter problems. For Orlando critter removal, we are the company to call! You may reach us at 352-267-0546 for a free estimate.

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