When to Call for Rodent Removal

Rodent Removal Orlando FLRodents are found just about anywhere in the world. They can survive in almost any habitat for as long as they have access to food and water. Of course, many of them prefer areas where it’s warm. If you live in the Central Florida area, you know for sure how abundant these critters can get. Chances are you would encounter one every so often that they became part of everyday living. If the presence of these critters is now considered normal, you may wonder when’s the right time to call for rodent removal.

As a general rule, if you don’t have experience in handling animals or wildlife, it would be best to reach out to animal removal professionals to deal with rodent removal. Depending on their species, they can attack and bite when threatened. Many of them also carry a whole lot of diseases and viruses. By attempting to touch and capture them, you are putting yourself in danger.

There are many types of rodents found in Orlando and neighboring communities. In fact, there are over 20 species that belong to the Rodentia order found living in the state of Florida. Among the most common ones are the following:

  • American beaver
  • Southeastern pocket gopher
  • Several types of mice
  • Several types of rats
  • Several types of squirrels

Call Professionals for Rodent Removal

Many rodent species multiply quickly. More often than not, when you find one in your property, there’s more of them lurking around. Aside from all the diseases and germs they carry and the risk of them attacking you, they can also do a whole lot of damage in your property. You must know how rats can destroy your possessions or how squirrels can chew electrical wires and cause house fires. Having a rodent present in your property is a serious concern. So when should you call for rodent removal? As soon as you spot one or a few on your property.

You may set up DIY traps and try to capture these rodents. However, you would still have to worry about disposing them or taking them someplace far and safe for them. Remember that some of these rodents are protected by law so you can’t just decide to kill them. At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we make sure we use the most humane methods in capturing and removing rodents from your property. If you need assistance in rodent removal for your property in Orlando, Maitland, Longwood, Winter Park, Deltona, Sanford, and nearby areas, call us anytime. You may reach us at 352-267-0546 for a free quote.

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